Emily of New Moon - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E7 A Seller of Dreams Emily completes her first novel. 06/06/2000
E6 Away Rhoda Stuart steals Emily's mail. 06/05/2000
E5 The Weight of the World Jack persuades Jimmy to become his partner in the fox-farming business. 06/04/2000
E4 Too Close to the Sun Jimmy receives a passionate letter; an exotic stranger arrives. 06/01/2000
E3 A Bill of Divorcement Jimmy returns; Ian Bowles owns a share of the farm; Laura wants a divorce. 05/31/2000
E2 The Taming of Ilse Burnley Ilse resents her future stepmother. 03/30/2000
E1 Rites of Passage Emily struggles with insecurity. 03/23/2000