Enough Already With Peter Walsh - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E6 My Secret Clutter A capable mother hides a secret clutter problem in an airplane hangar. 01/23/2012
E5 A Double Intervention A woman and her daughter must declutter after a family tragedy. 01/09/2012
E4 Addicted to Shopping A shopoholic's spending creates clutter and debt for her family. 01/09/2012
E3 Beyond Addiction Mackenzie Phillips' clutter cannot be remedied until she deals with past issues. 01/02/2012
E2 Buried in Denial A woman refuses to admit to a clutter problem. 01/01/2012
E1 A Declutter Team Invasion A woman and her daughter rush to organize a cluttered house in time for new residents. 12/12/2011