Eve - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Daughter Don't Preach Tensions rise between Shelly and her dad; Janie discovers Rita's secret botox parties at the store. 05/11/2006
E21 Daddy's Home Shelly's father shows up after years of absence; Janie investigates the contents of Rita's purse. 05/04/2006
E20 Donovan on the Brink A rapper reveals Donovan's past as a teen pop star; Janie and Rita collaborate to write a novel. 04/27/2006
E19 Girlfriends Shelly and Janie force Rita to rekindle her romance with her ex-lesbian lover. 04/20/2006
E18 Separate But Unequal Nick realizes he is in love with Lynn and learns that she is married. 04/13/2006
E17 To Sir, With Mom After he flunks his anatomy exam, J.T.'s mother goes to the school to beg for a makeup test. 03/23/2006
E16 Rules of Engagement Shelly realizes she misses Grant, but when they meet for lunch she finds that he has moved on. 03/02/2006
E15 Oh Brother Shelly learns that Janie's brother's long-time crush on her still exists. 02/16/2006
E14 Mo' Money, Mo' Problems Shelly and Rita try to decide how to spend DivaStyle's profits. 02/09/2006
E13 Diva Day Care Shelly questions her maternal instincts after dropping Janie's baby cousin. 02/02/2006
E12 Banishing Acts J.T.'s new girlfriend asks him to choose between her and his friends. 01/19/2006
E11 All About Eve One of her mother's students has taken over Shelly's bedroom. 12/15/2005
E10 Marty in the Middle Janie becomes convinced that Marty secretly has a crush on Shelly. 11/24/2005
E9 Brit Better Have My Money The women learn that the manufacturer of their new clothing line runs a sweat shop. 11/17/2005
E8 Janie, Shut Up! When Janie vents about her mother-in-law on a radio show, she reveals more than she intended. 11/10/2005
E7 Model Behavior Shelly and Janie learn their former partner will be modeling for their biggest competitor. 11/03/2005
E6 Break Up to Make-Up Shelly and Janie refuse to let Rita be the new face of DivaStyle. 10/27/2005
E5 The Price of Friendship Shelly and Janie argue over lottery winnings, putting their longstanding friendship at risk. 10/20/2005
E4 The Lyin', the Witch and the Wardrobe Shelly wears a client's dress to the Black and White Ball with Jalen. 10/13/2005
E3 Three Divas, No Style A feud with Shelly erupts when Janie and Rita decide to start their own line of items at DivaStyle. 10/06/2005
E2 Shelly And... Shelly's mother visits and tries to convince her that marriage is a bad idea. 09/29/2005
E1 How Will I Know? J.T. and Grant (Sharif Atkins) both propose to Shelly at her birthday party. 09/22/2005