Evil Up Close - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 The Bloodlust Killer: Mark Shirley Mark Shirley's desires drove him to torture, stab, and murder a long list of women. 06/19/2013
E7 The Green Eyed Monster: Elliot Turner The man who killed his girlfriend and then convinced his parents to help him cover up the crime. 06/12/2013
E6 Crusader For Death: Anders Behring Brevik An extremist confessed to a bombing and mass shooting that killed 77 people in Norway. 06/17/2012
E5 Ivan the Terrible: Ivan Payne 06/12/2012
E4 The Motorway Rapist: Antoni Imiela Man rapes eight women in isolated areas near Britain's busiest roads in a year-long reign of terror. 06/05/2012
E3 The Nightstalker: Delroy Grant Reign of terror by a caring husband by day, serail rapist by night. 05/29/2012
E2 Massacre in the Lakes: Derrick Bird Self-employed taxi driver suddenly goes berserk, shooting 24 people and killing 12. 05/22/2012
E1 His Name Is Evil: Levi Bellfield Pimp and night club bouncer, he murdered several women including teenager Milly Dowler. 05/15/2012