Family Guns - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E9 Aces High The men at IMA reflect on some of the more remarkable weapons they have seen. 11/16/2012
E8 Bury the Hatchet Alex's hopscotch across the country pays off when he visits the Victorian Rifleman Club. 11/30/2012
E7 Cannon Thieves Alex worries about debt when his father flies to Europe on a buying binge. 11/02/2012
E6 Cowboy Shootout During a slow week of sales the staff blows off steam in ever more creative shooting contests. 10/26/2012
E5 One Shot, One Kill Alex hatches a plan to market his father's prize collection behind his back. 10/19/2012
E4 Grim Reaper At the Big Sandy machine gun shoot, thousands of collectors demo weapons of all sizes. 10/05/2012
E3 I Wanna Jeep The shop readies for the Battle of the Bulge re-enactment; Alex chooses to buy a World War II Jeep. 09/28/2012
E2 Police, Camera, Action Alex receives a pitch from a vendor who wants to sell him equipment that looks strangely familiar. 09/19/2012
E1 Family at War A father and son butt heads over how to advance their business which deals in military antiques. 09/12/2012