Family Matters - Episode Guide for Season 9

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Lost in Space A wayward satellite hits Urkel's spacecraft; meter-maid duty turns dangerous. 07/17/1998
E21 Lost in Space Urkel becomes the first student astronaut; Eddie becomes a meter maid. 07/10/1998
E20 Pop Goes the Question Laura faces a dilemma when both Urkel and Stefan ask for her hand in marriage. 07/03/1998
E19 Don't Make Me Over After a cosmetic makeover, Myrtle decides she likes her old self better. 06/26/1998
E18 Throw Steve From the Train Carl is stuck for hours in a train with unwitting stowaway Urkel. 06/19/1998
E17 Polkapalooza Reluctantly Laura attends a polka festival with Steve; Carl cramps Eddie's style. 06/12/1998
E16 Whose Man Is It, Anyway? Myrtle and Greta decide to settle their fight over Eddie in the boxing ring. 06/05/1998
E15 Crazier for You Myra shows up on Steve and Laura's first date; Harriette's engagement ring is secondhand. 01/30/1998
E14 Crazy for You Myra and Stephan plot to end Steve and Laura's budding romance; Eddie learns about guns. 01/23/1998
E13 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Steve and Myra break up; Eddie leaves college to become a cop. 01/16/1998
E12 Grill of My Dreams Urkel trains to be a Japanese steakhouse chef; guest Pat Morita. 01/09/1998
E11 Deck the Malls Urkel gets a job as a department store gift-wrapper. 12/19/1997
E10 Original Gangsta Dawg A thug pursues Urkel's cousin, Original Gangsta Dawg (Jaleel White); guest Missy Elliot. 12/05/1997
E9 A Pain in Harassment Steve takes a $1 million basketball shot; Harriette fights back and gets a promotion. 11/14/1997
E8 Trading Places Stephan tests Laura's feelings by trading places with Urkel; Eddie videotapes the police department. 11/07/1997
E7 Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone The ventriloquist dummy Stevil and his new friend Carlsbad haunt Urkel and Carl. 10/31/1997
E6 A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read A chemistry experiment allows Urkel to read minds; Carl becomes troop leader of the Junior Woodsmen. 10/24/1997
E5 Who's Afraid of the Big Black Book Eddie's little black book provides the guest list for his 21st birthday party. 10/17/1997
E4 Drinking and Jiving Laura drinks too much at a frat party; Carl and Harriette make conflicting anniversary plans. 10/10/1997
E3 Dumb Belle of the Ball Eddie feels obliged to escort Myrtle to the ball after she saves his life. 10/03/1997
E2 They Shoot Ducks, Don't They? Urkel tags along when Carl goes duck hunting with his boss; Laura loses her mother's earrings. 09/26/1997
E1 Out With the Old Laura bids on Steve at a sorority auction; Harriette gets a promotion. 09/19/1997