Famous Jett Jackson - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E26 Holly JB asks Kayla and Jett for love advice; Democles takes over M.O.M. headquarters. 06/22/2001
E25 The Game Jeff beats Wood at a game of basketball; Wood turns 40. 06/17/2001
E24 Hotline Kayla and JB man a school-sponsored teen helpline. 06/01/2001
E23 Awakenings Silverstone tracks down Cain in an attempt to get the antidote which will save Artemus' life. 05/25/2001
E22 Awakenings Artemus is hit with a poisonous dart while on a mission with Silverstone. 05/18/2001
E21 M.O.M. Jett and his mom, Jules, discover a new way of relating to each other. 05/11/2001
E20 Battle of Wilsted Booker incites the town's pride at the annual competition. 03/16/2001
E19 Food for Thought Riley discovers that her sister is bulimic. 03/02/2001
E18 Lost and Found Jett gets lost in the city but, with the help of an unlikely friend, finds his way home. 02/02/2001
E17 The Perfect Day 12/29/2000
E16 Backstage Pass Jet falls for a lead singer. 12/08/2000
E15 Vote of Confidence JB runs for student council president. 11/04/2000
E14 Survival of the Fittest During a camping trip, Cubby's car goes over a cliff. 10/21/2000
E13 Truth JB becomes a hero. 09/30/2000
E12 Beauregard's Beach Bash Jett faces Beauregard in a dune-buggy race. 09/23/2000
E11 Wheels Cubby is a driver-education instructor. 09/16/2000
E10 Detention Kayla's e-mail leads to detention. 09/09/2000
E9 Heroes Guns cause problems for Wood and Silverstone. 08/19/2000
E8 Extra Credit Cubby goes back to high school. 08/12/2000
E7 Pledge of Allegiance Silverstone battles rebel teens who threaten to blow up cities. 08/05/2000
E6 Age Old Story Miz Coretta applies for a job at the local clinic. 07/22/2000
E5 Great Expectations Jett thinks his parents are reconciling. 07/15/2000
E4 Hello, Goodbye Booker is offered a job in Raleigh. 07/08/2000
E3 Business as Usual Jett and Kayla work at a day-care center. 07/01/2000
E2 Something in the Air A new girl arrives at school. 06/24/2000
E1 Step Up Jett joins the debate team to impress a girl. 06/17/2000