Fashion House - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E77 A New Foundation Gloria has the chance to do right by Michelle; Luke's dreams come true. 12/05/2006
E76 Falling Apart at the Seams Sofia and William give Tania a small token of their appreciation. 12/04/2006
E75 In Loving Memory Luke must confront the hypocrisy in his life. 12/01/2006
E74 Too Little Too Late Luke tries to solve a mystery; Lance and Michelle may have the answer Luke needs. 11/30/2006
E73 Maria's Final Bow Tragedy strikes at the Gianni fashion show. 11/29/2006
E72 Down to the Wire Part Dos Sophia takes advantage of Tania's weaknesses. 11/28/2006
E71 The Betrayal Michael reveals a secret; Maria's conniving leads to a violent encounter. 11/27/2006
E70 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. 11/25/2006
E69 Fashion House Highlights Global series recap. 11/24/2006
E68 After the Fall Lexi finds a new investor; Luke pays William a visit. 11/22/2006
E67 Safe Haven Luke confronts Maria; Nikki runs into danger. 11/21/2006
E66 Nothing Ventured ... Nothing Capital Gained Financial problems ensue as Congressman Spangler's past comes back to haunt him. 11/20/2006
E65 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. 11/18/2006
E64 Mother I'd Like to Forget Michelle and Lexi get to work on Plan B; Luke finds a surprise at home. 11/17/2006
E63 Out of the Woods William finds himself in an unsettling situation; Maria and Sophia's hatred reaches a boiling point. 11/16/2006
E62 Miller's Crossing Lance gives Officer Conti an ultimatum; Luke brings an unexpected guest to Michelle's fashion show. 11/15/2006
E61 Maria's Story: Entrapment William and Sophia get a surprise; Maria uses Dr. Woods' lack of ethics to her advantage. 11/14/2006
E60 Down to the Wire Michelle struggles to rekindle a romance; Lance and Eddie's partnership is tested. 11/13/2006
E59 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. 11/11/2006
E58 Sabotage Michelle confronts Lance; Maria discovers interesting things about Dr. Woods. 11/10/2006
E57 Truth and Consequences Maria makes a startling confession; Michelle uncovers Lance's truth. 11/09/2006
E56 Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word Nikki confronts William; Michelle and Luke face difficult decisions. 11/08/2006
E55 Dark Days Down Maria realizes that good fortune is a double-edged sword. 11/07/2006
E54 Second Chances Sophia and William take their plot to the next level; Tania's drinking causes problems. 11/06/2006
E53 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. 11/04/2006
E52 The Heart Attack Some lives are on the line; deceit causes turmoil for others. 11/03/2006
E51 After the Assassin Maria attempts to keep Michelle and Luke apart. 11/02/2006
E50 The Shot Heard Round the ... Nikki makes a startling confession; Gloria's attempt to protect Michelle backfires. 10/31/2006
E49 Michelle & Luke's Story: Artistic Differences A painting causes tension between Michelle and Luke. 10/30/2006
E48 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. 10/28/2006
E47 Gaggle at the Gallery Michelle and Maria are furious at Luke; Gloria reflects on decisions. 10/27/2006
E46 Opportunity Knocks, Rings the Doorbell and Beats Down the Door Tension builds between Maria and William; Nikki gets a surprise visit. 10/26/2006
E45 No Title For this Episode Recap of the series. 10/25/2006
E44 Woman on the Verge Maria is disappointed with Tania; William and Sophia embark on a new endeavor. 10/24/2006
E43 Nursing the Wound Nikki and Tania's hatred is unleashed; Lance stirs up trouble for Michelle. 10/23/2006
E42 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's storyline. 10/21/2006
E41 Irreconcilable Differences Maria reveals her plan to help Lance get his wife back; William's advice backfires on Michelle. 10/20/2006
E40 Coup de Grace Michelle confronts Maria; Tania makes a bad decision. 10/19/2006
E39 Building Blocks Lance and Maria strike a deal; Nikki experiences difficult times. 10/18/2006
E38 The Blow Up Michelle makes a surprising announcement. 10/17/2006
E37 Tania and Sophia's Story Michelle interrupts an important meeting; Sophia and Tania become friends. 10/16/2006
E36 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's story line. 10/14/2006
E35 Enough Is Enough Luke confronts his mother; William makes Nikki an enticing offer; Lance confesses his love. 10/13/2006
E34 Stirring the Pot Maria stirs up trouble; Luke learns of his mother's true colors. 10/12/2006
E33 Revelations Luke refuses to believe the truth about his mother; Michelle and Lexi devise a plan to seek revenge. 10/11/2006
E32 All in the Family Sophia declares revenge; Lance and Rodney invest in a new endeavor. 10/10/2006
E31 The Ties That Bind Luke confronts Maria; Sophia reveals the truth about her past. 10/09/2006
E30 Wedding Blues Maria and Sophia face off; Luke's anger toward William grows. 10/09/2006
E29 Fashion House Highlights Recap of the week's story line. 10/07/2006
E28 No Title For this Episode Recap of the series. 10/06/2006
E27 Do You Take This Woman Maria's wedding plans do not go as expected; Nikki gives Tania a surprise. 10/05/2006
E26 Rehearsal Luke tells Maria the truth about Michelle; William corners Luke; the mystery woman is revealed. 10/04/2006
E25 Bridezilla Maria shows no remorse for her actions; Tania experiences rough times; Gloria exposes her plans. 10/03/2006
E24 (There's Got to Be) A Morning After Michelle confronts Lexi; William plots a devious plan; Luke is seduced. 10/02/2006
E23 No Title For this Episode Weekly recap. 09/30/2006
E22 William's Story Maria becomes suspicious of the mysterious woman; others discover a key part of William's life. 09/29/2006
E21 No Title For this Episode Nikki confronts Michael; Maria tries to ruin John and Michelle's plans. 09/28/2006
E20 No Title For this Episode Global recap. 09/27/2006
E19 Maternal Instincts Michelle accepts a challenge; Lance learns the truth about Gloria. 09/26/2006
E18 Political Posturing Councilman Spangler uses his influence to get his way; William has his own methods of negotiation. 09/25/2006
E17 Fashion House Highlights Weekly recap. 09/23/2006
E16 Multiple Offers Maria makes use of her powers of manipulation to turn the tides on Michelle's career. 09/22/2006
E15 Portrait of a Lady Michelle's work falls into someone else's hands. 09/21/2006
E14 A New Face Michelle and Luke face a dangerous situation; Maria makes an important announcement. 09/20/2006
E13 Secrets and Gifts Lance drinks; planning a wedding. 09/19/2006
E12 Let It Ride Maria makes a big decision; others discover Gloria's secret. 09/18/2006
E11 No Title For this Episode A recap of the week's story line. 09/16/2006
E10 No Title For this Episode Maria, Luke and Michelle face difficult sacrifices. 09/15/2006
E9 No Title For this Episode Maria, Luke and Michael face surprises in their love affairs. 09/14/2006
E8 No Title For this Episode William and Michael learn that attaining one's desire does not necessarily make life simple. 09/13/2006
E7 Payola Old flames dog Luke and Michelle; William adds a few twists to his seduction of Maria. 09/12/2006
E6 No Title For this Episode Michelle agrees to be the subject of Luke's next painting; Maria's affair with William takes a turn. 09/11/2006
E5 No Title For this Episode A recap of the week's story line. 09/09/2006
E4 No Title For this Episode Luke's pursuit of Michelle starts to complicate his life. 09/08/2006
E3 No Title For this Episode Michelle, reeling from the terms of her divorce, bonds with Luke. 09/07/2006
E2 No Title For this Episode Maria tries to stop her son from dating Michelle. 09/06/2006
E1 No Title For this Episode Maria Gianni makes a secret deal with the mysterious William Chandler. 09/05/2006