Final Witness - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E9 What the Boy Saw Nina Reiser disappears when running errands in her California neighborhood. 11/05/2012
E8 The Gay Slayer 10/02/2012
E7 What the Boy Saw The disappearance of a doctor is a mystery until a surprise witness reveals what he saw. 08/08/2012
E6 A Mother's Revenge A man's mother is the driving force behind the investigation that brings his killer to justice. 08/01/2012
E5 The Devil You Know A man claims he shot an intruder attacking his wife in self-defense, leaving both dead. 07/25/2012
E4 Vixen's Elixir Suspicions arise when a woman loses a second husband to an unexpectedly lethal bout of the flu. 07/18/2012
E3 Fatal Devotion When a man's criminal life catches up with him, his wife and three children end up dead. 07/11/2012
E2 Graveyard Love The love affair between a veteran and his girlfriend implodes when he gives in to his inner demons. 07/04/2012
E1 The Kids Aren't Alright The story of a woman who, along with her two children, was killed in her rural Texas home in 2008. 06/27/2012