Fired Up - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E20 With Sex, You Get Eggroll Gwen must keep Mrs. Frances from scaring away the customers at her new store. 01/19/1998
E15 Fire and Nice The pressure of Gwen's plans for romance proves to be too much for Mickey. 02/02/1998
E14 Mission: And A-Hopin' Terry needs the gang's help to retrieve her bad rent check; guest John de Lancie. 01/26/1998
E13 Beauty and the Priests Gwen and Terry abuse their status as volunteers at the local church. 01/19/1998
E12 You Go Boss Gwen and Terry hire their first employee, an underqualified chum of Gwen's. 01/12/1998
E11 Where There's Smoke ... Sparks fly between Gwen and an attractive firefighter (Scott Patterson). 12/22/1997
E10 Ten Grand a Dance A stranger who bids on and wins a date with Gwen re-creates her high-school prom. 12/01/1997
E9 Honey, I Shrunk the Turkey Danny forgets to pick up Gwen's turkey; guest Dixie Carter; John Aniston. 11/24/1997
E8 In Your Dreams Gwen becomes jealous when Guy gets a new girlfriend; guest Don Cornelius. 11/17/1997
E7 The Baby Sitter's Club Gwen baby-sits three difficult children so Terry can go out on the town. 11/10/1997
E6 Beat the Clock Gwen and Terry force their landlord (John de Lancie) to fix the clock in the clocktower. 10/27/1997
E5 Total Recall Gwen goes on a blind date; Terry plans Guy's birthday bash; guest Jack Scalia. 10/20/1997
E4 Swallow Your Bliss Mrs. Francis works as a chef but will only make egg rolls at Guy's restaurant. 10/13/1997
E3 You Don't Know Jack Terry takes a job with Gwen's nemesis who stole their biggest client (Kelsey Grammer). 10/06/1997
E2 Truth and Consequences Lies haunt Gwen when she meets a potential client from her former agency. 09/29/1997
E1 The Mother of All Gwens Gwen's free-spending mother (Dixie Carter) seeks practical advice on money. 09/22/1997