Gastown Gamble - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 No information found. 03/06/2012
E7 No information found. 02/29/2012
E6 Strip Clubs, Mini Burgers and Dishwashers, Oh My! Scavenging an old strip club to find a new kitchen; Nico wants to give away 200 mini burgers. 02/22/2012
E5 Booze Can Blues Save-On gets its liquor license; Nico fights a bad review; the homeless and staff play soccer. 02/15/2012
E4 Street Cred and Pink Slips Marks seeks to solve Save-on-Meat's cash flow problem by forming a neighborhood partnership. 02/08/2012
E3 When Pigs Fly The butcher shop gets an overhaul; Mike readies for his first grandchild. 02/04/2012
E2 Ready Set Wow This Is Not What We Expected Save-on-Meats opens and the diner wows but the butcher shop isn't as Mark and Nico anticipated. 01/25/2012
E1 Welcome to the Neighborhood Young entrepreneurs struggle to revive an iconic business in Vancouver. 01/18/2012