Growing Pains - Episode Guide for Season 7

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 The Last Picture Show Maggie's out-of-town job offer prompts reminiscences. 04/25/1992
E23 The Last Picture Show Maggie's out-of-town job offer prompts reminiscences. 04/25/1992
E22 The Wrath of Con Ed A power failure causes dissension. 04/11/1992
E21 Maggie's Brilliant Career Maggie wants to fulfill a dream by climbing a mountain. 04/04/1992
E20 The Truck Stops Here A visit by his ailing father creates a dilemma for Luke. 03/21/1992
E19 Don't Go Changin' Mike thinks his friend is a bad influence on Luke. 02/29/1992
E18 The Five Fingers of Ben Tired of being bullied, Ben takes karate. 02/22/1992
E17 Menage a Luke A love triangle involves Ben, Luke and a classmate. 02/08/1992
E16 Vicious Cycle Maggie and Jason put Mike on the spot for Luke's curfew problems. 02/01/1992
E15 Honest Abe Luke's homeless friend steals a Seaver memento. 01/17/1992
E14 The Call of the Wild Penniless Mike schemes to give Kate a skiing trip. 01/04/1992
E13 It's Not Easy Being Green Christmas brings anger and angst to the Seavers. 12/21/1991
E12 B Equals MC2 Ben prepares for a college entrance exam, but gets no support from Jason. 11/30/1991
E11 Bad Dad Cafe Luke's father comes to get Luke. 11/23/1991
E10 Home Malone The ghost of Maggie's father (Gordon Jump) oversees the Seavers' visit to her childhood home. 11/14/1991
E9 The Big Fix Consumer reporter Maggie raps a vacuum cleaner that Ben broke. 11/09/1991
E8 There Must Be a Pony Jason's plan to let Chrissy stay up late backfires. 11/02/1991
E7 The Kid's Still Got It Men hit on Maggie at a spa; Chrissy has lice. 10/26/1991
E6 Jason Sings the Blues Surgery patient Jason behaves strangely at a psychiatric banquet. 10/19/1991
E5 The Young and the Homeless Luke's decision to leave makes Mike jeopardize his soap-opera role. 10/12/1991
E4 Paper Tigers Jason and Maggie compete to write a newspaper column; Ben hates his glasses. 10/05/1991
E3 In Vino Veritas Maggie and Jason suspect Luke is stealing from their wine collection. 09/28/1991
E2 Stop, Luke, and Listen Mike gets involved when he learns his prize pupil is homeless. 09/25/1991
E1 Back to School Mike teaches at an urban high school. 09/18/1991