Grown Ups - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Nerds of a Feather Gawk Together News of Melissa's engagement shocks J into making a life-changing decision. 05/22/2000
E21 Match Breaker J A fight with Gordon prompts Shari to move in temporarily with J. 05/15/2000
E20 Out of Sync J, Gordon and Shari attempt to assemble a dancing-singing quintet. 05/08/2000
E19 The Car Makes the Man J buys a Mercedes to enhance his image; Shari auditions for a play. 05/01/2000
E18 J's Pet Peeve J's ex-girlfriend gives him her dog; Shari thinks she may be pregnant. 04/10/2000
E17 Sons & Lovers J starts dating an attractive older woman, unaware that she is his boss's mother. 03/20/2000
E16 New Job J quits his current for a dream job, then finds himself unemployed. 02/21/2000
E15 Valentine's J J braves a blind date on St. Valentine's Day; Gordon and Shari seek the perfect romantic evening. 02/14/2000
E14 Action J, Gordon and Shari are cast as extras in a movie. 02/07/2000
E13 Instant Karma A string of bad luck prompts J to visit a spiritual guru to improve his karma. 01/24/2000
E12 Housesitter J agrees to take care of his boss's lavish lakeside home. 01/03/2000
E11 Online Romance J dates a former Chicago Bulls cheerleader; Shari starts wearing a red wig. 12/06/1999
E10 Why Can't We Not Be Friends? J and Melissa break up just before an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. 11/22/1999
E9 A Place in the Sun J tries to make amends with his brother by throwing a surprise wedding. 11/15/1999
E8 Two Divided by J Equals Ex Meeting his brother's girlfriend dashes J's hopes of forging a closer bond with him. 11/08/1999
E7 Family Circus J meets Melissa's eccentric parents; Gordon and Shari try to write a children's book. 10/18/1999
E6 J Says J becomes a local celebrity after a journalist interviews him. 10/04/1999
E5 Bachelor Auction J participates in a bachelor auction. 09/20/1999
E4 A Comic Tragedy J and Gordon find a comic book which Shari discovers can be sold for $30,000 via the Internet. 09/13/1999
E3 The Out of Work-Out J visits a luxury spa that caters to wealthy executives. 09/06/1999
E2 Truth Be Told J's new girlfriend reveals that she's a virgin during a game of "Truth Be Told." 08/30/1999
E1 Pilot An optimistic young professional (Jaleel White) gets a promotion and a new roommate. 08/23/1999