Half & Half - Episode Guide for Season 4

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 The Big Who You Gonna Call Episode Mona decides to take charge of her life and dates both Chase and Lorenzo. 05/15/2006
E21 The Big Hide & Sneak Episode Dee tries to counsel Brett about staff relations at the office. 05/15/2006
E20 The Big Mother's What?! Episode After she breaks up with Chase, Mona's emotions get out of hand. 05/01/2006
E19 The Big Nervous Breakup Episode Mona has provocative thoughts about other men. 04/24/2006
E18 The Big `What Have We Done' Episode Dee Dee and Brent's dinner does not go as planned. 04/17/2006
E17 The Big Stuck in the Middle Episode Mona's old boyfriend asks her to help him get a job with her current guy. 03/27/2006
E16 The Big Reality Bites Episode Dee Dee's new actor boyfriend asks her to join him when he is set to star in a new reality show. 02/27/2006
E15 The Big Take Me as I Am Episode Spencer's new girlfriend (Michelle Williams) continues to resist his advances. 02/20/2006
E14 The Big My Funny Valentine Episode Spencer's budding relationship with a rival record executive causes conflict with Mona. 02/13/2006
E13 The Big Diva Down Episode Mona and Spencer disagree over how to handle a new star act. 02/06/2006
E12 The Big Turning Over a New Leaf Episode Dee Dee realizes everyone else has a partner. 01/16/2006
E11 The Big Sweet Smell of Excess Episode Big Dee Dee decides to boost her spirits by throwing herself a big holiday legends ball. 12/12/2005
E10 The Big Sexism in the City Episode Charles and Spencer intervene when Dee Dee protests a co-worker's misogynist questioning. 11/28/2005
E9 The Big Days of Wine and Neuroses Episode Dee Dee has ulterior motives when she invites Mona to a weekend at the spa. 11/21/2005
E8 The Big How to Do & Undo Episode Wanting to avoid the task himself, Spencer asks Dee Dee to break up with his girlfriend for him. 11/14/2005
E7 The Big State of the Reunion After Dee Dee hassles her Mona agrees to attend her 10-year reunion. 11/07/2005
E6 The Big Off Pitch Episode Dee Dee's first client decides to give up baseball for a musical career. 10/24/2005
E5 The Big Young & the Restless Episode Phyllis tries to set Mona up with a handsome firefighter. 10/17/2005
E4 The Big Training Day Episode Dee Dee must resolve her differences with a competitive co-worker to win a new client. 10/10/2005
E3 The Big Frozen Assets Episode Dee Dee's life changes direction when she gets an unexpected career opportunity. 10/03/2005
E2 The Big Dollars & Sense Episode Phyllis teaches dismayed Big Dee Dee how to live on a budget. 09/26/2005
E1 The Big Gen-Why Me? Episode Mona's insecurities threaten her budding relationship with her new tenant, Lorenzo. 09/19/2005