Hammer Heads - Episode Guide for Season 6

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 No Title For this Episode 07/03/2010
E12 Overbearing Garage Space A woman wants to use her cramped, dark garage for a jewelry workshop. 06/26/2010
E11 No Title For this Episode 06/19/2010
E10 No Title For this Episode Newlyweds feel as if their master bedroom is more like a college dorm room. 06/12/2010
E9 No Title For this Episode 05/29/2010
E8 Modern Hawaiian Cabana A Hawaiian honeymoon inspires the design of a worn-out patio. 05/22/2010
E7 Sleek Sophisticated Deck A backyard remodel is the last step in a woman's home renovations. 05/15/2010
E6 Living Room Redo Transforms a Home A couple wants to make their outdated living room into the heart of their home. 05/08/2010
E5 Custom Castle Fortress for Three Boys Creating a place for boys to play in a tiny backyard. 05/01/2010
E4 No Title For this Episode A woman wants her adult-friendly backyard to be safe for her toddler. 04/24/2010
E3 Fresh and Functional Traditional Kitchen Facelift A kitchen space needs a better layout to become more functional. 04/17/2010
E2 Young Boy's Bedroom Addition Short a bedroom, a couple needs to add on a room for their four-year-old son. 04/10/2010
E1 Rustic Garden Patio A backyard patio is transformed into a warm, comfortable space for entertaining. 04/03/2010