Hands On Crafts for Kids - Episode Guide for Season 16

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 People Cowboy and cowgirl puppets; decorating flip-flops; drawing faces in an art journal. 02/13/2014
E12 Distortion Abstract portraits using magazines; fun house mirror; distorted backgrounds. 02/06/2014
E11 Blending An impressionistic landscape using oil pastels and black mat board; colorful geometric designs. 01/30/2014
E10 Settings A tree reflects the changing seasons; play tent for imaginary adventures; collage. 01/23/2014
E9 Lettering Monogram ornaments; initial letter necklaces; simple calligraphy; initial bulletin board. 01/16/2014
E8 Shapes Fish-shaped prints; homemade hula hoop; using a fingerprint to create faces; monster cubes. 01/09/2014
E7 Shadows Silhouettes; create shadows with a birthday mobile; shading; shadow puppet theater. 01/02/2014
E6 Symmetry A mixed media collage with symmetrical feather shapes; building and decorating a sand castle. 12/26/2013
E5 Patterns Striped pattern of knots tied with plastic lacing; felt cookies with a polka dot pattern. 12/19/2013
E4 Perspective An optical treasure box with geometric patterns; kaleidoscope; adding perspective to an art journal. 12/12/2013
E3 Color Using brightly colored cord to make an art supply holder; monster tank top; funky printed leaves. 12/05/2013
E2 Lines A modern art canvas with paint and masking tape; playhouse for dolls or action figures; spirograph. 11/28/2013
E1 Texture Paleolithic cave painting; pony corral; hedgehog; adding texture to a drawing with household items. 11/21/2013