Harry's Law - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Onward and Upward When Harry's ex is found dead and no one claims the body, Harry is forced to plan his funeral. 05/27/2012
E21 The Whole Truth When Harry's client is acquitted of murder, the victim's dad and brother take the courtroom hostage. 05/13/2012
E20 Class War Malcolm returns with distressing news that forces Harry to revisit an old case. 05/06/2012
E19 And the Band Played On Adam and Harry help Phoebe defend a college marching band charged with murder. 04/29/2012
E18 Breaking Points Harry represents a juror who ran away during deliberations for a high-profile murder case. 04/22/2012
E17 The Contest In order to win Harry's wager that puts the firm on the line, the team walks the runway at a gala. 04/15/2012
E16 The Lying Game A former client accuses Harry of taking advantage of him; Lisa's antics make Chunhua uncomfortable. 04/08/2012
E15 Search and Seize Harry's neighbor seeks out her help after facing suspicions of being a sex offender. 03/25/2012
E14 Les Horribles Harry defends a school principal who wants to expel a student; Harry helps defend a former client. 03/18/2012
E13 After the Lovin' Harry and Adam represent a man who claims cigarettes killed his wife; Cassie protects a woman. 03/11/2012
E12 New Kidney on the Block Harry represents a dying 21-year-old who purchased a kidney; Tommy and Oliver defend twins. 01/18/2012
E11 Gorilla My Dreams Harry helps a client who has been housing a gorilla; Adam and Cassie represent a vigilante. 01/11/2012
E10 Purple Hearts Harry, Oliver and Cassie defend a woman who is accused of killing her disabled infant. 12/07/2011
E9 Head Games Harry and Adam argue on behalf of parents whose son died as a result of a high-school football game. 11/30/2011
E8 Insanity Harry must step in when Cassie and Oliver clash over an emotional case. 11/16/2011
E7 American Girl Harry's Mercedes is impounded in a small Ohio town for violating a "Buy American" law. 11/09/2011
E6 The Rematch Harry and Adam defend a former prosecutor accused of aiding and abetting a kidnapper. 11/02/2011
E5 Bad to Worse Harry represents a teacher who says he was fired for failing a student for renouncing evolution. 10/19/2011
E4 Queen of Snark Harry and Ollie defend a teenager who outed a lesbian classmate who then committed suicide. 10/12/2011
E3 Sins of the Father Adam preps Eric's daughter for her testimony; Harry worries about Cassie's cross-examination. 10/05/2011
E2 There Will Be Blood District Attorney Remmick orders the police to harass Harry and plant evidence against Eric. 09/28/2011
E1 Hosanna Roseanna An attorney from Harry's former law firm convinces her to defend a man accused of killing his wife. 09/21/2011