Harsh Realm - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E9 Camera Obscura A priest and two families are feuding over a treasure of buried gold. 05/19/2000
E8 Cincinnati Hobbes and Pinocchio try to stop Santiago from killing a terrorist leader. 05/12/2000
E7 Manus Domini Hobbes and Pinocchio are lured into a minefield, but powerful women heal their wounds. 05/05/2000
E6 Three Percenters A virus in the program is producing clones, threatening to wipe out all virtual characters. 11/12/1999
E5 Reunion Hobbes meets a virtual version of his mother in a concentration camp. 11/05/1999
E4 Kein Ausgang A tear in the virtual fabric places Hobbes and Pinocchio in a recurring battle simulation. 10/29/1999
E3 Inga Fossa Hobbes and Pinocchio search for a portal back to the real world. 10/22/1999
E2 Leviathan Mercenaries capture Hobbes and Pinocchio; Sophie questions the military's account of Hobbes' death. 10/15/1999
E1 Pilot A soldier assigned to test a training simulation finds himself trapped in a virtual-reality world. 10/08/1999