Hawaii Air Rescue - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E6 Last Flight A flight team goes all out to save a Navy veteran near death. 10/03/2012
E5 Hanging in The Balance A victim of a motor vehicle accident; a mother who has gone into labor. 09/26/2012
E4 Extreme Turbulence The crew hits an extreme patch of turbulence while transporting a heart attack patient. 09/19/2012
E3 Breakdown in the Sky The Life Flight crews have to use all tools at their disposal to save their patients' lives. 09/19/2012
E2 Night Brings Danger A 34-year-old tourist suffers a massive heart attack on a honeymoon cruise. 09/12/2012
E1 Trouble in Paradise A young musician is in a car crash; a surfer's leg is nearly amputated in a lawnmower accident. 09/12/2012