Hazel - Episode Guide for Season 5

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E29 A Question of Ethics Hazel bad-mouths another real estate agent in favor of Steve. 04/11/1966
E28 A Little Bit of Genius Harold's friend, Jeff Williams, transfers to a brighter class. 04/04/1966
E27 The Perfect Boss Hazel pens an essay for a newspaper on her boss's perfection. 03/28/1966
E26 Bee in Her Bonnet Steve risks losing a client to aid an injured motorist. 03/21/1966
E25 Hazel's Free Enterprise Hazel and Barbara sell chili to buy Steve a pool table. 03/14/1966
E24 Who Can Afford a Bargain? Fred Williams' house buy jeopardizes his son's education. 03/07/1966
E23 But Is It Art? After Hazel decides that she needs new drapes, Barbara decides to have the whole room painted. 02/28/1966
E22 Please Don't Shout Steve's card-playing friend lives near a noisy freeway. 02/21/1966
E21 My Son, the Sheepdog Rock 'n' roll musician Harold lets his hair grow long. 02/14/1966
E20 How to Find Work Without Really Trying A former builder buys land from Steve and returns to work. 02/07/1966
E19 Harold's Gift Horses A spinster and a bachelor try to buy Harold's affection. 01/31/1966
E18 Boom or Bust! Steve fears he'll fall into debt when a loan proves too easy. 01/24/1966
E17 285 Dollars by Saturday Hazel aims to buy an organ for children of a missionary school. 01/17/1966
E16 Once an Actor Barbara's elderly uncle, an actor, comes to stay for a month. 01/10/1966
E15 A Car Named Chrysanthemum Hazel buys a wreck, paints it green and sells it to a nurseryman. 01/03/1966
E14 Hazel's Endearing Young Charms Hazel's false praise of Steve drives him to let her go. 12/27/1965
E13 Noblesse Oblige A tycoon talks his wife into sponsoring a historical pageant. 12/13/1965
E12 Kindly Advise Meddler Deirdre now decides Susie must learn elocution. 12/06/1965
E11 The Crush Steve and a 16-year-old girl are picked up for trespassing. 11/29/1965
E10 A Bull's Eye for Cupid Steve forgets his wedding anniversary and makes plans to fish. 11/22/1965
E9 A `Lot' to Remember Hazel buys a piece of land then finds it is nearly worthless. 11/16/1965
E8 Hazel Sits It Out Hazel shows a house for Steve so he may attend a picnic. 11/08/1965
E7 Hazel Needs a Car Hazel sells guppies for $100, her payment down on a car. 11/01/1965
E6 A-Haunting We Will Go A family forces its neighbor to give up many of his dogs. 10/25/1965
E5 The Hold Out Hazel is hurt when she feels she has been used to swindle a friend. 10/18/1965
E4 Do Not Disturb Occupants Steve doesn't know how much he likes his house until it's sold. 10/11/1965
E3 How to Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Minutes After much needling from Bill Fox, Hazel decides to lose some weight. 09/27/1965
E2 Hazel's Second Week Hazel and the mistress of the house misunderstand one another. 09/20/1965
E1 Who's in Charge Here? In George's absence, Hazel cares for his brother's household. 09/13/1965