Healthy Gourmet - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E17 Spartans Football Club 08/30/2011
E16 Satin Dolls 08/19/2011
E15 Belly Dancers 08/12/2011
E14 Aquafitters 08/05/2011
E13 Karate Kids 07/29/2011
E12 Steel Drum Band 07/22/2011
E11 Dog Groomers 07/15/2011
E10 Red Hat Pistoliers Julie and Ezra look to get Shelly's cooking back on track. 07/08/2011
E9 Paranormal Inv's Steve's mystery meals are candidates for an exorcism by Ezra and Julie. 07/03/2011
E8 Magicians Ezra and Julie make Sean's vegetarian meals disappear. 06/24/2011
E7 Dog Sledders Nancy Barbaro's friends need help getting off their fattening British diet. 06/10/2011
E6 Fencers Ezra and Julie duel it out in the battle of the chefs with Executive Chef Nigel Didcock. 06/03/2011
E5 Women's Hockey Ezra and Julie offer easy to prepare meals for a women's hockey team. 05/03/2011
E4 Rock Climbers 05/03/2011
E3 Dragon Boat 03/20/2011
E2 Lady Golfers Italian cooking with less carbs and fat. 03/19/2011
E1 Designers 03/08/2011