Heartland - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E10 True Enough 08/20/2007
E9 Smile A crisis arises at the hospital when it is found that a donor had microscopic cancer. 08/13/2007
E8 As We Are So Wonderfully Done With Each Other Dr. Jacobs' family members try to keep him alive despite his wishes. 08/06/2007
E7 A Beautiful Day A gunman who shot two people and killed himself is a possible organ donor. 07/30/2007
E6 Domino Effect Dr. Grant and his team perform a complex six-patient procedure. 07/23/2007
E5 The Places You'll Go A woman who got an illegal transplant in Mexico has complications; Kate starts dating. 07/16/2007
E4 Mother & Child Reunion Dr. Jonas seeks Dr. Grant's approval to perform a uterine transplant. 07/09/2007
E3 Picking Up the Little Things A patient's last chance for a new liver is a living donation. 07/02/2007
E2 I Make Myself Into Something New Dr. Grant refuses do to a living donation for a dying alcoholic; a new doctor arrives. 06/25/2007
E1 Pilot Dr. Grant tries to save the life of a teenage girl in need of a new heart. 06/18/2007