Hellcats - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 I'm Sick Y'all Members of the Hellcats fall ill before Nationals; Marti and Deidre's relationship hits road bumps. 05/17/2011
E21 Land of 1,000 Dances Savannah tries to help her family through a crisis; Red's ex-wife continues to stir up trouble. 05/10/2011
E20 Warped Sister Julian helps Marti investigate her family secrets; Marti and Deidre grow closer. 05/03/2011
E19 Before I Was Caught Red and Vanessa learn Red's ex has been hired to investigate Lancer's athletic programs and staff. 04/26/2011
E18 Woke up Dead Marti meets a woman who helps her learn more about her father; Dan shoots a zombie movie. 04/19/2011
E17 Don't Make Promises (You Can't Keep) Savannah is stunned when Charlotte reveals the identity of her baby's father. 03/01/2011
E16 Fancy Dan Marti and Savannah nervously prepare to see Dan at Jimmy's wedding; Alice goes to see Jake in jail. 02/22/2011
E15 God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away Julian, Marti and Vanessa form a plan that may get Travis released from jail and save the Hellcats. 02/15/2011
E14 Remember When Savannah, Lewis, Alice and Vanessa remember when they became Hellcats. 02/08/2011
E13 Worried Baby Blues The Hellcats throw a party to launch their calendar fundraiser; Savannah talks to her mother. 02/01/2011
E12 Papa, Oh Papa Marti deals with the consequences of her confession; Savannah is blackmailed. 01/25/2011
E11 Think Twice Before You Go Savannah winds up in a compromising position after drinking a little too much. 12/01/2010
E10 Pledging My Love Alice feels humiliated; Vanessa and Red try to intervene when they hear of her plans for revenge. 11/17/2010
E9 Finish What We Started Conflicted over her feelings for Lewis and Dan, Marti focuses on Travis' case. 11/10/2010
E8 Back of a Car The Hellcats plan an'80s night; Savannah decides to spend the night with Dan. 11/03/2010
E7 The Match Game The Hellcats plan a date auction in order to raise funds to get them to the nationals. 10/27/2010
E6 Ragged Old Flag The Hellcats and the girls volleyball team compete in a game of flag football. 10/13/2010
E5 The Prisoner's Song The team lets Dan direct its bid video; Marti decides to further investigate Julian's case. 10/06/2010
E4 Nobody Loves Me but My Mother Lewis asks Marti out on a date; Savannah asks Dan to dinner at her mother's house. 09/29/2010
E3 Beale St. After Dark The Hellcats team accompanies Savannah on her date with Dan; Marti tries to impress her professor. 09/22/2010
E2 I Say a Little Prayer Marti is shocked to find Wanda in the audience at qualifiers; Savannah's sister is injured. 09/15/2010
E1 A World Full of Strangers Marti, a law student, tries out for the university's legendary cheer squad. 09/08/2010