Hero: 108 - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E26 The Bronze Giant Lin Chung is on high alert. He senses chaos is poised to destroy Hidden Kingdom. 07/09/2012
E25 The Professionals; Swamp Hippos 07/06/2012
E24 Marine Mine; About Faces 07/05/2012
E23 High Roller Hydra; Time to Go Homes 07/04/2012
E22 Roto-wolves; Teammates 07/03/2012
E21 Collision Course; Cyber Animals 07/02/2012
E20 Monster Castle; The Yeti & Phoenix 06/29/2012
E19 The Dark Below; Gladiators 06/28/2012
E18 Animal Inside 06/27/2012
E17 Seahorse Temptation; Sloth King 06/26/2012
E16 Leech King; The Third Squad 06/25/2012
E15 Jelly Fish Jam; Demon Heartland 06/22/2012
E14 Fox King and the Arachno Tanks; The Ghost Ship 06/21/2012
E13 Enter the Dragon; Ninja Fight 06/20/2012
E12 Revenge of the Commander of Darkness; The Sword of Dark Fire 06/19/2012
E11 Animal Collector; Resurrection of T-Rex 06/18/2012
E10 The Eyes of Mighty Ray 06/15/2012
E9 The Return of the Pterodactyls; White Crane 06/14/2012
E8 Second to None; The Hamster King Squads squabble to claim supremacy; the Zebra Brothers trick the Hamster King. 06/13/2012
E7 Shadow Monster; Duo Cannon 06/12/2012
E6 Big Baby Turtles 06/11/2012
E5 The Fruiter; Star-Nosed Moles 06/08/2012
E4 The Lizard King; Prince of Seagulls 06/07/2012
E3 Stingray; Pangolin Castle 06/06/2012
E2 Terra Cotta Warriors; Strongest Punch & Kick 06/05/2012
E1 The Rise of Lin Chung Lin Chung is reunited with his martial arts master. 06/04/2012