Hill Street Blues - Episode Guide for Season 7

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 It Ain't Over Till It's Over A nighttime fire guts the precinct; Buntz is suspended on charges of stealing cocaine. 05/12/1987
E21 A Pound of Flesh Internal affairs finds $17,000 in Buntz's apartment; Hunter is rescued. 05/05/1987
E20 The Runner Falls on His Kisser Pro football star's arrested for soliciting; Hunter missing. 04/07/1987
E19 Days of Swine and Roses Renko seeks a reconciliation with his angry wife; a lonely Jablonski succumbs to sexual temptation. 03/31/1987
E18 Dogbreath Afternoon Buntz looks for a link between a credit card scam and Belker's shooting. 03/17/1987
E17 The Cookie Crumbles Calletano heads a Hispanic coalition that may sue; Bates is stabbed. 03/10/1987
E16 Sorry, Wrong Number Goldblume turns to a young informant for help in finding a murderer. 03/03/1987
E15 Norman Conquest While Furillo is away on business, Buntz takes over the Hill Street precinct. 02/10/1987
E14 Der Roachenkavalier Goldblume blames departmental regulations for freeing a murderer. 02/03/1987
E13 City of Refuse Hill and Renko help during garbage strike; lose control. 01/20/1987
E12 A Wasted Weekend Henry's plan to join a bear-hunting trip is thwarted by a kidnapper. 01/13/1987
E11 She's So Fein An assistant district attorney meets with Davenport's angry client. 01/06/1987
E10 More Skinned Against Than Skinning Furillo tries to calm racial tensions when a black policeman is killed by his white partner. 12/23/1986
E9 Fathers and Guns Furillo's father commits suicide; Belker thinks about the effects of a nuclear holocaust. 12/09/1986
E8 Falling From Grace Sister Chastity surrenders to passion; Henry tackles a novel. 12/02/1986
E7 Amazing Grace Esterhaus' former flame Grace Gardner returns to the precinct as a nun. 11/27/1986
E6 Say Uncle A Gypsy puts a curse on Renko; Henry appears on a TV talk show. 11/13/1986
E5 I Come to My Knees Hill resents his partner, who wouldn't help a black officer in distress. 11/06/1986
E4 Bald Ambition Furillo is requested to help Calletano avert a race war. 10/30/1986
E3 The Best Defense The public defenders go on strike; Hunter accepts his demotion. 10/16/1986
E2 A Case of Klapp Belker helps senior citizens robbed of their Social Security checks. 10/09/1986
E1 Suitcase A con man tries to persuade Buntz to steal a cocaine-filled suitcase. 10/02/1986