Hogan's Heroes - Episode Guide for Season 6

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E24 Rockets or Romance Hogan's men, with help from the underground, destroy a Nazi missile battery. 04/04/1971
E23 Look at the Pretty Snowflakes Hogan and his men trigger an avalanche to halt a German panzer division. 03/21/1971
E22 Hogan's Double Life Hogan poses as a Nazi officer to discredit a witness's identification of him as a spy. 03/07/1971
E21 Kommandant Gertrude Burkhalter's sister, Gertrude, becomes the de facto commander of Stalag 13. 02/28/1971
E20 The Kamikazes Are Coming The POWs capture a new German rocket and fire it toward England for recovery. 02/21/1971
E19 Klink for the Defense Klink is assigned as defense counsel for a German officer on trial for treason. 02/07/1971
E18 To Russia Without Love Col. Klink, vamped by a beautiful spy, decides he might like the Russian front. 01/31/1971
E17 That's No Lady, That's My Spy Newkirk must escape from camp to aid a wounded underground leader. 01/24/1971
E16 The Meister Spy Hogan's men discredit a Nazi master spy who is posing as an American officer. 01/17/1971
E15 Easy Come, Easy Go Hogan goes to England with Klink to steal an American fighter plane. 01/10/1971
E14 The Dropouts Hogan's men dupe the Gestapo and help three atomic scientists escape to England. 12/27/1970
E13 The Gypsy LeBeau poses as a Gypsy medium to trick Klink. 12/13/1970
E12 The Big Broadcast The POWs want to transmit from Klink's staff car. 12/06/1970
E11 Operation Tiger Hogan and his men plan to free an underground leader held by the Nazis. 11/29/1970
E10 It's Dynamite Expecting an Allied invasion, the Nazis start mining bridges. 11/22/1970
E9 The Big Record Klink presents the prisoners with a recorder for propaganda purposes. 11/12/1970
E8 Eight O'Clock and All Is Well Hogan's men discover that a new prisoner is actually a Nazi spy. 11/08/1970
E7 Kommandant Schultz Sgt. Schultz is temporarily promoted to commanding officer of Stalag 13. 11/01/1970
E6 The Gestapo Takeover The Gestapo takes control of Stalag 13 and assigns Klink and Schultz to the Russian front. 10/25/1970
E5 Lady Chitterly's Lover Lady Chitterly arrives at Stalag 13 to tell everyone her husband is a traitor. 10/18/1970
E4 Lady Chitterly's Lover An English traitor parachutes into Stalag 13 with some secret information. 10/11/1970
E3 Klink's Masterpiece Hogan must smuggle maps to the underground, and he needs Klink's help. 10/04/1970
E2 The Experts Hogan tries to save a German officer marked for death by the Nazis. 09/27/1970
E1 Cuisine a la Stalag 13 Prisoner LeBeau decides to escape, leaving the POWs and Klink without a chef. 09/20/1970