Holmes Inspection - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E23 Steamed A blended family has its townhouse inspected. 11/17/2011
E22 Below Grade In the rush to find a home, an inspector missed many issues. 11/10/2011
E21 Bigger Bungle After trading up for a larger bungalow, a couple learns renovations could put them over-budget. 11/03/2011
E20 Minor Finds, Major Fixes A woman and her son search for a smaller home. 10/27/2011
E19 Trouble Overhead A renovated bungalow has issues. 10/20/2011
E18 Bigger Not Better Mitzi and Cory's big suburban house. 10/13/2011
E17 Attic Dealbreaker A couple allows a family friend to do their home inspection. 10/06/2011
E16 Stacked Against Us Frozen pipes, cracked walls and leaking prove an inspection missed issues. 09/29/2011
E15 Through the Roof A couple wants to upgrade to a new home. 09/22/2011
E14 Moisture Madness A women on disability downsizes to a townhouse with problems the home inspector must have missed. 09/15/2011
E13 Getting Hosed A family did not read their home inspection report before their closing. 09/08/2011
E12 Looks Are Deceiving A family who needs more space finds a home with more problems. 09/01/2011
E11 Looks Are Deceiving Jennifer and Paul's inspector may have missed some big problems. 09/01/2011
E10 Beam Me Up Josette and Jeff renovate their open concept. 09/01/2011
E9 Beam Me Up Josette and Jeff move to a big open concept house. 09/01/2011
E8 Pump Up the Heat Homeowners need to act without a home inspection. 08/28/2011
E7 Down the Drain New parents learn that their backyard floods in the rain and their bedrooms are too cold. 08/21/2011
E6 Pane-Full Truth A home inspector advises a man to paint and caulk basement windows. 08/14/2011
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E5 Ducts in a Row Heating and venting issues were missed during a house inspection. 08/07/2011
E4 Failing Grade A single mother is mislead about a leaky basement and roof. 07/31/2011
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E3 Cold Welcome New issues threaten a family's safety. 07/24/2011
E2 Backyard Blues Newlyweds struggle to repair the things missed by an inspector. 07/17/2011
E1 Little House, Big Trouble A woman's small home needs more work than she imagined. 07/10/2011