Hometime - Episode Guide for Season 28

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E12 Creekside Home Brackets Cutting, tooling and finishing architectural brackets for the home's exterior. 05/31/2014
E11 Creekside Home Floors Matching heights on adjoining natural stone and hardwood floors. 05/24/2014
E10 Creekside Home Spaces The new home spaces are defined as the walls and ceilings get a Level 5 finish. 05/17/2014
E9 Creekside Home Drywall Last-minute preps for drywall; the best way to run 4x12 sheets behind the timber trusses. 05/10/2014
E8 Ranch Addition Landscape Using slabs of concrete to negotiate a steep yard; finishing a meditation room. 05/03/2014
E7 Ranch Addition Kitchen Cutting, bending and welding a sheet of stainless steel to form a kitchen countertop. 04/26/2014 2:30PM Sat
E6 Ranch Addition Floors New floors incorporate reclaimed marble and polished concrete. 04/19/2014
E5 Ranch Addition Roof and Siding Blending salvaged materials into new construction; pouring a great room floor. 04/12/2014
E4 Ranch Addition Framing An architect applies design ideas to his own home. 04/05/2014
E3 Creekside Home Light & Glass Using light and glass in new homes and remodeling. 02/15/2014
E2 Creekside Home Garage Doors Custom garage doors blend in with the home's architecture; challenging roof line. 02/08/2014
E1 Creekside Home Heat Radiant floor heat; streamlining heating. 02/01/2014