House of Bryan - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Hard Rock Life Bryan and Sarah need the help of the entire crew to put the finishing touches on the cottage. 06/21/2012
E12 Rain on Bry's Parade Snow and heavy rain halt progress on the deck. 06/14/2012
E11 All Falls Down Bryan may not be able to meet the deadline. 06/07/2012
E10 Counterstrike Sarah missed ordering a key element in the bathroom; Bryan is worried about transporting materials. 05/31/2012
E9 Off Side Bryan focuses on the outside of the cottage. 05/31/2012
E8 Floor Wars Bryan works on the tile; Sarah and Bryan choose a mural for their Great Room. 05/24/2012
E7 Truth or Bear The wild life is becoming too close for comfort for Sarah. 05/17/2012
E6 Hit The Deck Bryan starts to install windows and deck work;Tensions build between Bryan and Sarah. 05/10/2012
E5 Designer Dilemma Bryan's roof isn't framed yet and it starts to rain; Rebecca and Sarah's relationship hits a wall. 05/03/2012
E4 Bye Bye Bry Bryan's other commitments are slowing the progress of the cottage. 04/26/2012
E3 Beam Me Up Bryan's at the critical stage in the build of the cottage and things are getting stressful. 04/19/2012
E2 The Hole Truth Its rainy weather and plan changes has Bryan struggling to stay calm. 04/12/2012
E1 Dock & Load Bryan is excited about building a family cottage, but is learning the importance of location. 04/05/2012