How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E14 The top 10 reunite for a group number; the results are announced. 07/28/2008
E13 The top three perform. 07/27/2008
E12 The results are announced. 07/21/2008
E11 The top four perform. 07/20/2008
E10 The results are announced from the previous night. 07/14/2008
E9 The top six Marias perform. 07/13/2008
E8 The results are announced from the previous night and two are eliminated. 07/07/2008
E7 The top eight perform. 07/06/2008
E6 The results show. 06/30/2008
E5 The top nine perform. 06/29/2008
E4 The results show. 06/23/2008
E3 The top 10 perform from the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto. 06/22/2008
E2 The finalists fly to London to audition for Andrew Lloyd Webber. 06/16/2008
E1 Twenty finalists compete for the role of Maria. 06/15/2008