How Not to Live Your Life - Episode Guide for Season 3

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 Dan finally decides to express his feeling for Samantha; A violent Santa. 12/22/2011
E7 Don the Musical Brian is still waiting to get a response from Sam about his proposal. 12/13/2010
E6 Don Does Therapy Don discovers that Brian intends to propose to Sam at his birthday party. 12/06/2010
E5 Don Dates a Homeless Don meets a homeless girl; Sam jokingly dares him to ask her out, so he does. 11/29/2010
E4 Don Meets His Maker The gang mistakenly believes that Don might be seriously ill. 11/22/2010
E3 Don's Posh Weekend Don and his boss Jason socialize together for the first time in the form of a double date. 11/15/2010
E2 Don's Angry Girlfriend Things are looking up for Don as he has begun to date a sweet girl called Jenny. 11/08/2010
E1 Don's New Job Don comes up with an elaborate story about a new job to try to impress Sam. 11/08/2010