Hurricane Hunters - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E7 The Birth of a Monster The Hurricane Hunters' downtime is cut short by a tropical depression. 07/15/2013
E6 So You Want to Be a Hurricane Hunter? A rookie pilot is put through training exercises. 07/08/2013
E5 Rafael's Wrath A rookie pilot signs on for her first flight; a broken propeller in St. Croix. 07/01/2013
E4 Rookie Takes Flight A rookie hunter is put to the test; takeoff to Tropical Storm Ernesto is delayed by lightning. 06/24/2013
E3 Isaac Tosses Curveballs Technical problems delay a mission; equipment malfunctions as the storm intensifies. 06/17/2013
E2 Brush With Disaster The Hurricane Hunters track Tropical Storm Rafael. 06/10/2013
E1 ISAAC (Part One) 05/27/2013