I Could Do That - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Road Construction Tony tries to smooth out the rough spots using a road grader, but learns how tough it can be. 05/26/2010
E12 Combine Harvester John Ki travels to farmland to test his skills at operating a huge combine harvester. 05/19/2010
E11 Monster Truck Steve learns how to be a monster truck driver. 05/12/2010
E10 Rock Quarry Ryan climbs into rock quarry machines only to find out that more than rocks can get crushed. 05/05/2010
E9 Steel Slab Carrier Jen Lumley goes from a cowgirl to taking control of a steel slab carrier. 04/28/2010
E8 Freighter Kemar attempts to put a Great Lakes freighter through the locks of the Welland canal. 04/21/2010
E7 Big Rig Gina, who can't start her own lawnmower, tries to handle an 18-wheel tractor trailer. 04/21/2010
E6 Locomotive Chris Syrie takes control of a GP9 diesel locomotive. 04/07/2010
E5 Harvester Truck driver Miguel drives a Timber Jack log harvester which grips, cuts and strips. 04/07/2010
E4 Hovercraft Jack flies across the water, but he doesn't control the plane, and learns to operate a hovercraft. 03/31/2010
E3 Scooptram Andrew operates a Scooptram in the dark of an underground mine. 03/31/2010
E2 Tank Martin finds an M60 tank doesn't handle like a sports car but is surprisingly nimble for a tank. 03/24/2010
E1 Crane Criss climbs a mighty tower crane and learns to joist, swing and flip loads. 03/24/2010