In the House - Episode Guide for Season 5

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E6 Out the House Marion decides to move to New York when Valerie gets relocated there. 08/11/1999
E5 Guest Dad Valerie's ex-husband Justin tries to get her back, but Marion already has a place in their lives. 08/10/1999
E4 Cornbread, Marion and Me Marion tells Brianna that he accidentally killed her pet fish. 08/06/1999
E3 How Nana Got Her Groove Back Marion tries to discourage Nana's fiance from marrying her. 08/05/1999
E2 There's Something About Tiffany Tiffany decides to become intimate with Graham; Marion and Valerie go out on a date. 08/04/1999
E1 Not as Good as It Gets Marion decides to sell the clinic. 08/03/1999