Ink - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Going to the Dogs Kate plans to tranquilize Abby's dog with spiked meatballs, which Mike eats. 05/19/1997
E21 Murphy's Law Mike's yearly trysts with Murphy Brown signal national disasters. 05/12/1997
E20 The Bodyguard Strikes Back Death threats prompt Leo to hire Kate's boyfriend to guard Mike. 05/05/1997
E19 The Debutante Kate is mortified that Abby wants to make a society debut. 04/28/1997
E18 Logan's Run Competitors Mike and Jack Stein abandon ethics for an exclusive interview. 04/21/1997
E17 The Fighting Irish A long-standing feud flares when Abby's grandfathers both show up for her school play. 04/07/1997
E16 Face Off TV bickering lands Mike and Kate a talk show. 03/10/1997
E15 Breaking the Rules Kate's sister (Kirstie Alley) uses Mike to test her "rules to catch a man." 03/03/1997
E14 Life Without Mikey Mike's obituary is accidentally printed in the newspaper; guest Jay Thomas; Jonathan Katz. 02/24/1997
E13 The Bodyguard Jealous Mike interrupts Kate's romantic evening. 02/17/1997
E12 The Bodyguard Death threats prompt Kate to get a bodyguard (Harry Hamlin). 02/10/1997
E11 The English-Speaking Patients An argument turns into a food fight, prodding Kate and Mike into counseling. 02/03/1997
E10 Funny, You Don't Look 100 Every writer wants to be on the front page of The Sun's centennial issue. 01/20/1997
E9 Devil in a Blue Dress Daughter Abby moves in with Mike. 01/13/1997
E8 The Black Book A socialite madam's client list has Alan's (Saul Rubinek) name on it. 01/06/1997
E7 United We Fall The reporters support a printers strike. 12/16/1996
E6 Mike & Kelly & Max & Kate Mike and Kate each fend off persistent admirers; with Paul Mazursky. 12/09/1996
E5 The Sandwich The first person to eat the Mike Logan (Ted Danson) deli sandwich dies of a heart attack. 11/25/1996
E4 High Noon Rivals woo Mike; Kate offers his column to Jack Stein. 11/18/1996
E3 Getting Over the Hemp Mike and Kate panic when they find marijuana in Abby's coat pocket. 11/11/1996
E2 Paper Cuts A column by Mike (Ted Danson) triggers a lawsuit, forcing budget cuts by Kate (Mary Steenburgen). 10/28/1996
E1 Above the Fold Complications greet divorced newspaper reporters when a promotion makes her his boss. 10/21/1996