Inside the Actors Studio - Episode Guide for Season 19

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E9 How I Met Your Mother The cast of "How I Met Your Mother" discusses the series. 03/27/2014
E8 Matthew McConaughey The actor discusses the unconventional start to his career and his various roles. 02/20/2014
E7 Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams discusses her career, including her leading role in "American Hustle." 02/19/2014
E6 Bruce Dern and Laura Dern Bruce Dern and Laura Dern's individual careers, their personal relationship. 12/26/2013
E5 Cast and Creator of Arrested Development Cast members and the creator of "Arrested Development" reunite. 11/07/2013
E4 Jake Gyllenhaal The actor answers personal and professional questions in an interview with James Lipton. 09/19/2013
E3 No Title For this Episode 12/31/2013
E2 250th Episode Former guests return, including Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro, and Jennifer Lopez. 05/29/2013
E1 Tina Fey Comic and actress Tina Fey discusses her roots in Chicago, writing for "Saturday Night Live." 03/19/2013