Into the Unknown With Josh Bernstein - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E8 The Search for Life Josh Bernstein investigates a theory that life on Earth began on Mars. 09/30/2008
E7 Why Elephants Attack Deadly conflicts between elephants and humans across Africa. 09/25/2008
E6 The Lost Gold of Timbuktu Josh Bernstein travels into the Sahara Desert. 09/23/2008
E5 Egypt's Lost King Josh Bernstein investigates the most controversial pharaoh in history. 09/15/2008
E4 Living With Mummies Josh visits one of the most primitive tribes on Earth and learns their mummification ritual. 09/08/2008
E3 The Cloud Warriors Josh Bernstein investigates the mysteries fall of the Chachapoya civilization in northern Peru. 09/01/2008
E2 Search for Noah's Ark Josh Bernstein investigates a compelling new theory about Noah's Ark and the great flood. 08/25/2008
E1 Secret Life of Gladiators Josh Bernstein goes on a quest to uncover the true story of the gladiator. 08/18/2008