JAG - Episode Guide for Season 10

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Fair Winds and Following Seas Mac and Harm resolve their personal and professional lives. 04/29/2005
E21 Dream Team A seaman kills a much larger opponent during a shipboard fist fight. 04/22/2005
E20 Unknown Soldier Remains of a Vietnam soldier found in Laos. 04/15/2005
E19 Two Towns The sole survivor of an Iraqi bombing is charged with arson shortly after his return home. 04/08/2005
E18 Death at the Mosque Vukovic defends a Marine caught on tape killing a seemingly innocent Iraqi civilian. 04/01/2005
E17 JAG: San Diego Mac and Vukovic face off against each other in court during the trial of a Marine. 03/11/2005
E16 Straits of Malacca Mac is sent to negotiate a hostage release involving naval officers and modern pirates. 02/25/2005
E15 Bridging the Gulf A brash new JAG attorney (Chris Beetem) has an unorthodox style that angers and intrigues Mac. 02/18/2005
E14 Fit for Duty A Navy psychiatrist is charged with sending a soldier back into battle too soon. 02/11/2005
E13 Heart of Darkness Harm and Mac search for a Marine captain who set out to hunt down Osama bin Laden. 02/04/2005
E12 The Sixth Juror Harm and Mac try an enlisted man accused of murdering a civilian. 01/14/2005
E11 Automatic for the People Harm investigates a weapons test gone awry after an F-14 goes down in flames. 01/07/2005
E10 The Four Percent Solution After suffering an injury in a Christmas Eve car accident, a radio show sparks a memory for Mac. 12/17/2004
E9 The Man on the Bridge Harm and Mac assist with an FBI investigation into the disappearance of a scientist. 12/10/2004
E8 There Goes the Neighborhood Coates' old friend comes to stay and frames her for murder. 11/26/2004
E7 Camp Delta Three MPs charged with abusing a prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp for al-Qaida terrorists. 11/19/2004
E6 One Big Boat The Naval Academy's sailing instructor is accused of dereliction of duty. 11/12/2004
E5 This Just in From Baghdad Harm and Mac investigate the death of a government official in Iraq. 11/05/2004
E4 A Whole New Ballgame The president nominates a tough Marine lawyer to replace Chegwidden. 10/29/2004
E3 Retrial Harm convinces the Naval authorities to reopen a 20-year-old case. 10/15/2004
E2 Corporate Raiders Mac and Harm investigate a friendly fire incident that claims the life of a Marine. 10/01/2004
E1 Hail & Farewell, Part 2 A former British operative tells Mac there is a hit man looking for anyone associated with Webb. 09/24/2004