Joan of Arcadia - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Something Wicked This Way Comes Joan uncovers the truth about the seemingly charming Ryan Hunter's true motives. 04/22/2005
E21 Common Thread Joan and Grace fear the worst when Adam goes missing on a hike. 04/15/2005
E20 Spring Cleaning Joan lands in the midst of a school scandal when she tries to do some therapeutic cleaning. 04/08/2005
E19 Trial and Error Joan surprises everyone with her passion in prosecuting a case for a mock trial at school. 04/01/2005
E18 Secret Service Price assumes that Joan egged his car and punishes her with community service. 03/04/2005
E17 Shadows and Light Joan and Will try to help Stevie get something she deserves. 02/25/2005
E16 Independence Day Joan defies her parents; Luke is shocked when Friedman rebuffs Stevie's advances. 02/18/2005
E15 Romancing the Joan Joan is jealous of Adam's good looking assistant. 02/11/2005
E14 The Rise & Fall of Joan Girardi A catty classmate embraces Joan as a hero after she saves the girl's life. 01/28/2005
E13 Queen of the Zombies Joan gets a chorus role in an oddball musical about a zombie uprising. 01/14/2005
E12 Game Theory Joan decides against applying to college. 01/07/2005
E11 Dive Joan and Luke try out for the diving team in an effort to overcome their fears. 12/10/2004
E10 The Book of Questions When Joan meets Grace's seemingly perfect mother, she understands why Grace has been so private. 11/26/2004
E9 No Future Flashbacks illustrate the family's differing recollections of the car accident that disabled Kevin. 11/19/2004
E8 Friday Night Joan and Adam have their first real date; Judith is assaulted. 11/12/2004
E7 P.O.V. Will and Kevin want to hire a ruthless lawyer. 11/05/2004
E6 Wealth of Nations Joan applies her economic knowledge to a church clothing drive, but others misconstrue her efforts. 10/29/2004
E5 The Election In school elections Joan contemplates exposing a candidate's secret. 10/22/2004
E4 The Cat Helen's critical Aunt Olive suffers a stroke while visiting. 10/15/2004
E3 Back to the Garden Joan convinces her physics group to plant a garden under bleachers. 10/08/2004
E2 Out of Sight Joan continues to disregard God's suggestions and act reckless. 10/01/2004
E1 Only Connect Joan rejects God's attempts to reconnect with her, but she appears odder. 09/24/2004