Johnny Test - Episode Guide for Season 6

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E18 Code Crackin' Johnny; Johnny Goes Viral 11/06/2013
E17 Dial J for Johnny; Road Trip Johnny 11/04/2013
E16 Johnny Opposite; Johnny on the Job 09/02/2013
E15 Johnny's Chipmunk Chit Chat; A Picture's Worth 1000 Johnnies 08/26/2013
E14 Johnny Unplugged; Johnny's Monster Mash 08/21/2013
E13 Johnny's New Super Mega Villain; Johnny in Charge 08/15/2013
E12 Johnny vs. the Dukenator; Johnny's Petting Zoo Posse 08/12/2013
E11 The Johnny Who Saved Halloween; Johnny's Zombie Bomb 08/09/2013
E10 The Sands of Johnny; Abominable Johnny 08/06/2013
E9 Johnny's Got Talent; Johnny's Rough Around the Hedges 07/21/2013
E8 Johnny and the Beanstalk; Johnny & Bling Bling Bond Bond 07/21/2013
E7 Johnny's Supreme Theme; Past & Present Johnny 05/29/2013
E6 Johnny's 100th Episode; Johnny's Next Episode Bling Bling wants Susan to believe he is Prince Charming by using a fairy tale spray. 05/20/2013
Available Channels
E5 Johnny's Head in the Clouds; Stop in the Name of Johnny 05/07/2013
E4 Johnny's Super Massive Kart Wheelies 7; Smooth Talking Johnny 04/18/2013
E3 How to Train Your Johnny; Johnny and Clyde Susan and Mary erase all of Johnny's memories; Susan and Mary's orangutan turns into a bank robber. 04/08/2013
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E2 Johnny Vets Dukey; Johnny's No. 1 Fan 04/05/2013
E1 Johnny on the Clock; Johnny X-Factor Johnny must face going back to school. 04/02/2013