Judge Alex - Episode Guide for Season 9

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E130 No Title For this Episode 05/21/2014
E129 No Title For this Episode 05/20/2014
E128 No Title For this Episode 05/19/2014
E127 No Title For this Episode 05/16/2014
E126 No Title For this Episode 05/15/2014
E125 No Title For this Episode 05/14/2014
E124 No Title For this Episode 05/13/2014
E123 No Title For this Episode 05/12/2014
E122 No Title For this Episode 05/09/2014
E121 No Title For this Episode 05/08/2014
E120 No Title For this Episode 05/07/2014
E119 No Title For this Episode 05/06/2014
E118 No Title For this Episode 05/05/2014
E117 Nash vs. Nash Christi says she lent her ex money for classes and schoolbooks after their divorce was final. 05/02/2014
E116 Mattox vs. Moore Former friends and business partners blame each other for the ruin of a play. 05/01/2014
E115 Parks/Parks vs. Cosie/Lamb A woman and her husband regret renting a home to her brother and his partner. 04/30/2014
E114 Brambach vs. Lewis A landlord and a former tenant feud over vandalism charges and missing property. 04/29/2014
E113 Nagst vs. High Holly says she never asked Kebra to bail her out of jail, so she owes him nothing. 04/28/2014
E112 Klein vs. Hummel Horse-owners feud over loans, bounced checks and eviction from a barn. 04/25/2014
E111 Gilliam vs. Partee Whitney says she owes her ex-girlfriend nothing, because she cheated on her with men. 04/24/2014
E110 Thompson vs. Armijo/Thompson Holly says she is tired of her son and daughter-in-law stealing from her. 04/23/2014
E109 Lewis vs. Singleton Diann says it took her hairdresser four days to complete her hairstyle. 04/22/2014
E108 Walden vs. Walden John says his brother Randy's dog took John's dentures and chewed them up. 04/21/2014
E107 Burgess vs. Davis Sheila is suing former friend Katherine for the balance of an unpaid loan. 03/06/2014
E106 Princiotta vs. Sutton/Sutton Anthony feels that he was a victim of fraud; Danielle and Marilyn say he caused a disturbance. 03/05/2014
E105 Heller/Isaacs vs. Sheinwald Landlords Helain and Trudy want Adrienne to be held responsible for pulling out of a lease. 03/04/2014
E104 De La Torre vs. Huegerich When a motorcycle is traded for land, both parties have issues with what they receive. 03/03/2014
E103 Bolden vs. Bolden Jr. Earl says he gave his sister money in the past, and now she demands to be repaid for a loan. 02/28/2014
E102 Eam vs. Woolf Sokha says she found the defendant jumping on the hood of her car in a parking lot. 02/27/2014
E101 Francois vs. Ayres Kimberly says her wedding photographer ruined the most important day of her life. 02/26/2014
E100 Rock vs. Anderson Anthony says his designated driver drove recklessly and caused a major accident that injured him. 02/25/2014
E99 Najdek vs. Najdek George regrets giving his son a loan to get his poker-playing career started. 02/24/2014
E98 Richardson vs. Richardson Donna says her estranged husband took her car without permission and totaled it. 02/21/2014
E97 Buzick vs. Montes/White Michelle regrets buying a lemon from a friend of a friend and feels they conspired to hustle her. 02/20/2014
E96 Armour vs. Mace III Cheryl says her adult son blew out her car's transmission and fails to pay rent. 02/19/2014
E95 Parker/LePeilbet vs. Deans Jack says his neighbor's cats are damaging his property; the neighbor says wild animals are guilty. 02/18/2014
E94 Brown vs. Coleman Anthony thinks his former friend sold the clothes he was storing for him. 02/17/2014
E93 Johnson vs. Hampton Sade says her former friend asked her to co-sign for her bail bond and refuses to pay her back. 02/14/2014
E92 Garcia vs. Hilton Raechel wants Conrad to reimburse her for loans and pay their child's day care and medical bills. 02/13/2014
E91 Albanese vs. Palmer Michael says he hired Phil to promote a beard contest, but Phil disappeared after being paid. 02/12/2014
E90 Addison vs. Clayborn Curtis says his uncle did not return his car after fixing it for him. 02/11/2014
E89 Smith vs. Finley/Lilley Former best friends refuse to reimburse a man for covering their moving costs. 02/10/2014
E88 Smith vs. Cunningham Bobby says a woman he met online stole his laptop and left him stranded a hundred miles from home. 02/07/2014
E87 Brown/McLean vs. Whyte Daniel says the vacation condo he rented was filthy and had vermin living in it. 02/06/2014
E86 Banks-Fagan vs. Stearns Jaclynn says her houseguest stole her keys and vandalized her car. 02/05/2014
E85 Banks-Fagan vs. Stearns Jaclynn says her houseguest vandalized her car, and she wants her to pay for the damages. 02/04/2014
E84 Mann/Olmstead vs. Liebowitz A jazz vocalist says the owner of a record label disappeared whenever money needed to be paid. 02/03/2014
E83 Winn vs. Avratin Jonathan says his then-girlfriend punched his car; she says he tried to drive off without her. 01/31/2014
E82 Dickey-Crawford vs. Crawford Herlona says her father agreed to get braces put on her teeth but is refusing to pay the balance. 01/30/2014
E81 Soraci vs. Disney Jod says his neighbor gave his special-needs dog the wrong food, causing it to become fatally ill. 01/29/2014
E80 Soraci vs. Disney Jod says his special-needs dog contracted a fatal illness while in the care of his neighbor. 01/28/2014
E79 Outerbridge vs. Prester Crystal says neighbor Paula showed up at her house drunk and broke her television. 01/27/2014
E78 Simmons vs. Strickland Issia says her boyfriend stole her car and hit her with it after an argument. 01/24/2014
E77 Clark vs. Lucas Timothy says he left his rented home because it was infested with mold and pests. 01/23/2014
E76 Gilmore vs. Gilmore Melba says her mother wants to be repaid for a loan because she does not approve of her boyfriend. 01/22/2014
E75 White vs. John Neighbors feud over insurance money, a loan and medical marijuana. 01/21/2014
E74 Bonner vs. Brown Danequa regrets giving her "friend with benefits" a loan to buy a car. 01/20/2014
E73 Cole vs. Garcia Tristina says her ex-friend Suzanne was always broke and coming to her for money she did not repay. 01/17/2014
E72 Finley vs. Finley A young woman and her former guardian feud over criminal-defense attorney fees and income taxes. 01/16/2014
E71 Jones vs. Gonzalez House painter Christopher says he left a job site after the homeowner bullied and threatened him. 01/15/2014
E70 Loyd Jr. vs. Olbert Duane is upset that his mother spends money on male strippers but does not repay him for bills. 01/14/2014
E69 Leblan/Herron vs. Pakzard Mother and daughter say a caterer supplied chicken fingers and fries instead of fancy food. 01/13/2014
E68 Browning vs. Johnson Kenetra says any money her ex-girlfriend gave her was part of being in a relationship. 01/10/2014
E67 Green vs. Wilken Scott says he does not owe his uncle any money for paying for his education. 01/09/2014
E66 Jones/Krause vs. Fisher/Porter Accused of vandalism, Dwayne says Catherine and Jayda mistreated him while he stayed at their home. 01/08/2014
E65 Jones/Krause vs. Fisher/Porter Women say their boarder vandalized their car after they demanded that he clean up after himself. 01/07/2014
E64 Guindazola vs. Navarro/Lopez Cousins argue over a car's title and late fees. 01/06/2014
E63 Bean vs. Crenshaw Veronica says Kim lavished her with expensive gifts, then demanded she pay her back for them. 11/27/2013
E62 Gonzalez vs. Florentino After borrowing Andrea's car and totaling it, Victoria refuses to take responsibility. 11/26/2013
E61 Gonzalez vs. Florentino After a long night of partying, Victoria borrowed Andrea's car and totaled it. 11/25/2013
E60 Travis vs. Frye Lawanda called the police to report a catnapping because her pet-sitter would not return her cats. 11/22/2013
E59 Westphal vs. Sanchez Natasha's ex-boyfriend smashed up her car; he says he offered to pay for the damages. 11/21/2013
E58 Miller vs. Parms A man says he lent a friend money to buy a car, but she insists it was a gift. 11/20/2013
E57 Lavizzo vs. Trimble Lance accuses Nicholas of badmouthing him and ruining his reputation. 11/19/2013
E56 Lavizzo vs. Trimble A talent booker says a celebrity client canceled, causing him to lose money. 11/18/2013
E55 Wresinski vs. Myers A woman says she sold her ex a car, but he stopped making payments; he says the car was a gift. 11/15/2013
E54 Hunt vs. Johnson-West Former best friends dispute whether money was a gift or a loan. 11/14/2013
E53 Brockington vs. Carter A woman says her neighbor stole her car while she was sleeping and crashed, flipped and totaled it. 11/13/2013
E52 Brockington vs. Carter A woman says her neighbor stole her car while she was sleeping and crashed, flipped and totaled it. 11/12/2013
E51 Holloway vs. Jackson A woman's best friend falls asleep behind the wheel and crashes the car. 11/11/2013
E50 Garner vs. Williams A jackpot winner wants a monetary gift returned after the recipient broke a promise. 11/08/2013
E49 Powell vs. Rieffer Homeowner says a contractor made her pay more than the estimated price and never completed the job. 11/07/2013
E48 Richardson vs. Troy/Holloway A concert promoter says Pastor Troy blew off an engagement in order to attend the BET Music Awards. 11/06/2013
E47 Chang vs. Hice A woman who owes a former friend $2,000 says he made sexual advances toward her. 11/05/2013
E46 Beres vs. Jaco/Jaco A couple stopped paying on their expensive engagement ring and say it was a gift from a friend. 11/04/2013
E45 Rogers vs. Mosley Jr. He says she is suing him only because he refused to marry her. 11/01/2013
E44 Shumaker vs. DiNatale A motorist and a pedestrian describe a road-rage event. 10/31/2013
E43 Fortner vs. Proctor A client wants a caregiver to refund her wages because she did not have the proper credentials. 10/30/2013
E42 Black vs. Smith Ex-friends feud over rent, loans and gas money. 10/29/2013
E41 Nardella vs. Boyd/Olcott Laura says the men who sold her a scooter left her stranded on the side of the road. 10/28/2013
E40 Clark vs. Bonilla A man who bought a phone advertised as new found out its account was frozen for an unpaid balance. 10/25/2013
E39 Eubanks vs. Lopez A mother wants a refund from a sports manager because her son does not get enough plays per game. 10/24/2013
E38 Vose vs. Reed A woman says her ex borrowed thousands of dollars, and she is tired of his broken promises to repay. 10/23/2013
E37 Giles vs. McPhillips Former business associates argue over car repairs. 10/22/2013
E36 Lomenick vs. Christenson Landlords say they learned on social media that a tenant planned to leave and skip out on the rent. 10/21/2013
E35 Schnellman vs. McCabe A former roommate refuses to return belongings until outstanding debt is paid. 10/18/2013
E34 Singson Jr. vs. Hexiquio Reynaldo admits to handing Jessica the keys to his car, which she drove intoxicated and crashed. 10/17/2013
E33 Bridges vs. Hickey Men continue to argue over a crashed car. 10/16/2013
E32 Bridges vs. Hickey Men dispute liability for a crashed car. 10/15/2013
E31 Keyes vs. Lamb Women argue over a sick puppy. 10/14/2013
E30 Mosley vs. Epley Former best friends argue over a bottle of perfume. 10/11/2013
E29 Culbreth vs. Saucier/Self Michael says Ryan damaged a laptop he lent him so Ryan could DJ a party. 10/10/2013
E28 Edwards vs. Catala Keisha sues her ex-husband, Benny, for garnished wages and an auto loan. 10/09/2013
E27 Aguayo vs. Aghishian A man thinks a family member owes him money for a boat accident. 10/08/2013
E26 Tropser vs. Hull Sherryl says she doesn't need to repay Dawn for bailing her out of jail. 10/07/2013
E25 Cofer vs. Peterson Marvin says his former friend threatened him after he confronted him for damaging his car's engine. 10/04/2013
E24 White Jr. vs. Johnston Drug addict admitted to using again, so they kicked him out of the home and disposed of his things. 10/03/2013
E23 Johnson vs. Johnson James wants his ex-friend to repay him for a promissory note he had him sign after crashing his car. 10/02/2013
E22 Kats vs. Priel A woman, sued for selling a defective boat, sues the man who sold it to her. 10/01/2013
E21 Sheppard vs. Ong Repairmen who put the wrong transmission into a man's car say they undercharged him for it. 09/30/2013
E20 Poppy vs. Sanson Unwed parents feud over a tax refund. 09/27/2013
E19 Barnes vs. Jones A man arrested on suspicion of murder refuses to repay the company that bailed him out. 09/26/2013
E18 Miller/Miller vs. Burns Juli wants a refund for the lemon she purchased for her teen daughter. 09/25/2013
E17 Parks vs. Addison Penny says Kandy did not do the work she was hired to do and refuses to return the money. 09/24/2013
E16 Akeem vs. Kamp Kaketia says a moving company lost some of her things; the company owner says she was already paid. 09/23/2013
E15 Mai vs. Mai Theresa says her son stole her credit card, fails to pay rent and has not reimbursed her. 09/20/2013
E14 Howard vs. DeLoach Jason says the money his babies' mother gave to keep him out of jail was a gift. 09/19/2013
E13 Luevanos vs. Ingersoll/Owens A landlord sues former tenants for leaving the property without notice. 09/18/2013
E12 Brown vs. Rubin Quar says he fired his graphic designer because she did not complete her work in a timely manner. 09/17/2013
E11 Kohn/Stern vs. Houchin Tenants say their landlords evicted them out of spite after they reported them to the health board. 09/16/2013
E10 Lebron vs. Lebron Sisters argue over rent and utilities. 09/13/2013
E9 Acey vs. Washington A photographer says a makeup artist got into a verbal altercation with his client. 09/12/2013
E8 London vs. Jacoby Jeff says his deceased mother's former caregiver has stolen and disposed of all of her belongings. 09/11/2013
E7 Lewinson vs. Lewinson Kym's estranged husband says he repaid her for a down payment on a van by giving her rides. 09/10/2013
E6 George vs. Hooker Jeff says Terry confessed that he was under the influence of medication after their car crash. 09/09/2013
E5 Pitcher vs. Karaalp Former fashion-school friends feud over the impounding of a car. 09/06/2013
E4 Robinson vs. Cole A calendar model says the photographer used an unapproved photo of her in a negative way. 09/05/2013
E3 Macias vs. Solares A boyfriend comes between roommates. 09/04/2013
E2 Turner vs. Drew Toshia says that after she bought her boyfriend a car, he changed. 09/03/2013
E1 Bjazevich vs. Streit/Feuerstine Tristani says she became homeless because of her roommates; they say she walked out on them. 09/02/2013