Judge Judy - Episode Guide for Season 18

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E198 Marijuana Mayhem; When Girlfriends Fight A teen evicted over marijuana use insists he has a license to imbibe because of chronic pain. 04/18/2014
E197 Verbal Contracts 101; Shut That Dog Up!; Annoying Roommate Rant After complaints about a barking dog, a couple say they were evicted illegally. 04/17/2014
E196 Kidney Transplant Tragedy; You Trashed My Home! A woman sues her son for living expenses after he undergoes a kidney transplant. 04/16/2014
E195 Store Rage! A store owner says her business partners posted nasty signs and blocked customer flow. 04/15/2014
E194 Get Out of My House!; Invasion of Privacy? A man accuses his landlady of stealing his mail and neglecting a broken sewage line. 04/14/2014
E193 Pit Bull Attack; Shoe-Throwing Sister!; Rent Games Pit bulls are accused of attacking a dog; sisters fight over a skirmish between their children. 04/11/2014
E192 Rehab Brother; Fire Hydrant Slam! A woman who crashed her friend's car and tries to blame the friend. 04/10/2014
E191 Show Me the Lawsuit Money!; Dying Mother Ex-lovers feud over a lawsuit payout, oil-field finances and household expenses. 04/09/2014
E190 E-Cigarette Scam? The judge demands evidence from a former cigarette supplier accusing an ex-employee of theft. 04/08/2014
E189 Shattered Windows; Drunken Knife Fight A man says he knocked his intoxicated friend out cold because the friend came at him with a knife. 04/07/2014
E188 Speedy Cupid; Frat House No More! A couple who moved in together end up fighting over credit cards, appliances and a lawnmower. 04/04/2014
E187 Bonfire Damage; Grand Dreams Disaster A man says his son's log-splitting bonfire escapade damaged his sidewalk. 04/03/2014
E186 Pool Pushing Prank; Bad Boyfriend? Teen partygoers push one another into the pool, resulting in a lawsuit over property damage. 04/02/2014
E185 Boy Going Blind?; In-Lawlessness A young man says his aunt harassed him about his failing eyesight. 04/01/2014
E184 Day Care Endangerment; Housing Wars Unsanitary child-care conditions and stranger danger; traumatic brain injury. 03/31/2014
E183 Grieving Teen Assault; Barking Dog Threat A woman says her son-in-law threatened to beat up her dogs to stop them from barking during a storm. 03/28/2014
E182 When Unwed Parents Fight! A man demands that his ex-fiancee return her engagement ring. 03/27/2014
E181 Stepfather Payback; Repo Mom A woman insists that her mother unfairly repossessed her vehicle, twice. 03/26/2014
E180 Disability Debate!; Hotel Room Party Pooper A woman sues her ex and her children for property and stress. 03/25/2014
E179 Mama Drama; Human Shield! A woman says she was beaten up and used as a human shield during a fight in her apartment. 03/24/2014
E178 Death Threat?; Man Cave Clash A man must testify against his child's mother when a former friend accuses her of theft. 03/21/2014
E177 Racism or Renter Neglect? A woman says race was an issue when her homeowners association harassed her and her children. 03/20/2014
E176 Legal Beatdown!; Boat Bailout An attorney-in-fact challenges the judge; a client wants the return of a deposit on unfinished work. 03/19/2014
E175 Skin Cancer Scare; Computer Cash Out A woman sues her son, who has cancer, for repayment of loans and medical bills. 03/18/2014
E174 Magician vs. Illusionist; Pit Bull Choke Hold Magician wants his down payment on a magic trick to reappear; woman injured in a pit bull attack. 03/17/2014
E173 Subsidized Siblings; Friends No More! The judge discovers that a woman overcharged her brother for rent. 03/14/2014
E172 Parole Model; Green Pool, Angry People! Burglary, sexual abuse and giving up a child for adoption come into play when unwed parents fight. 03/13/2014
E171 Teen Vandal?; Children Lost to Foster Care A former inmate is accused of destroying a rental property after his children were taken away. 03/12/2014
E170 Mobile Home Scam?; Pawn Shop Sham A young man says he was protected by state law when he sold his friends' possessions to a pawn shop. 03/11/2014
E169 Sex for Dental Work?; Roommate Rift A man denies he was romantically interested in a younger woman to whom he gave money. 03/10/2014
E168 Dogs, Drinking and Death Threats A man is sued for false arrest, assault and threats of bodily harm. 03/07/2014
E167 Dirty Drug Test?; Pink Boot Scuffle A woman trying to regain custody of her child is accused of failing a drug test. 03/06/2014
E166 Stalking and Assault?; Co-Signing Cousin; Logo Liability A woman says her former roommate abandoned property; a woman sues her cousin over a car. 03/05/2014
E165 Mom to the Rescue!; Cousin Complaints A woman contests her son's lockout after only a three-day tenancy. 03/04/2014
E164 Roommate Revolt; Puppy Payment! A couple demand a former friend repays a debt; a dog breeder is sued. 03/03/2014
E163 Dog Breeding Beginners; Evicted Sisters A woman sues her teen sister for fees incurred when they were evicted from their home. 02/28/2014
E162 Saudi Arabia House-Sitting Snafu; Life Insurance Vacation Spree A house sitter is accused of stealing diamonds and destroying property. 02/27/2014
E161 Sisters' Assault Stand-Off; Heartbroken and Broke A trip to the store turns violent; a woman regrets giving her ex-lover loans and paying his bills. 02/26/2014
E160 Dog Rescue, Robbery and Assault; Damage Denial; Wedding Banquet Foreclosure A knife attack, a slap in the face and a fight over a jail stay. 02/26/2014
E159 Angry Fathers Mutual Combat; Boyfriend Assault? A car collision leads to a boxing match between two angry fathers. 02/25/2014
E158 Property Held Hostage; Brothers and Bail Money Boyfriends claim their truck and its contents were sold without their permission. 02/25/2014
E157 Arson Allegations; Grand Theft Restitution A woman regrets paying restitution for her fiance's son's crime. 02/24/2014
E156 Dream Car Rip-Off!; Scammer Denial; Christmas Day Hit-and-Run A motorist denies crashing into a parked car and fleeing the scene. 02/24/2014
E155 Terrible Roommate?; Funeral Fraud? Cousins feud over a joint bank account, moving costs and medical bills. 02/21/2014
E154 Expert Car Crasher; Wedding Rush A woman says her ex-lover crashed three of her cars; he says it was only two. 02/21/2014
E153 Ailing Uncle Going Blind; Bahamas Cruise Crisis An ailing diabetic sues the good Samaritan who took him in, then kicked him out. 02/20/2014
E152 Child Support Sleuth; Maltipoo Attack! The judge investigates a young man's ability to pay child support. 02/20/2014
E151 Hair Stylist Wars; Daddy's Good Deed Punished? A man sues his teen daughter and her fiance for damages they caused to his motor home. 02/19/2014
E150 Father Protects Drunk Daughter?; Car-Kicking Tantrum A man says he got assaulted when he stopped his daughter's baby-daddy from choking her. 02/19/2014
E149 Babysitting Danger; Horse Lands in Pool! A windstorm knocks down a fence, and a horse ends up in a neighbor's swimming pool. 02/18/2014
E148 Dead Tree Catastrophe; Ex-Lover Battle A motorist says a homeowner damaged his truck while trying to take down a dead tree. 02/18/2014
E147 Dehydrated Defendant; Lethal Lemon A woman sues her ex and his employer for a refund on a lemon. 02/17/2014
E146 Vicious Assault, Broken Jaw; Who Wrecked My Truck?! Drunkenness and impaired judgment cause injuries at a bachelor party. 02/17/2014
E145 Rowdy Roommates; Day Care Dilemma; Ex-Lover Vacation Spat A teen is accused of stealing rent money and damaging property; a baby sitter is accused of neglect. 02/14/2014
E144 Domestic Violence Victim?; Brother Sister War Unwed parents' fight leads to accusations of domestic violence, property damage and job loss. 02/14/2014
E143 Diseased Puppy or Misdiagnosis? A woman accuses a dog breeder of selling her a purebred puppy with a neurological illness. 02/13/2014
E142 Mother & Daughter Gang Up on Ex A stolen ring, a missing gun and a teen's cell-phone bill come into play. 02/13/2014
E141 War of the Roommates; Granny or Nanny? A grandmother demands that her daughter pay her for child care and lost wages. 02/12/2014
E140 Handshake Deal Gone Bad; Disability Debit Card Craziness A woman jailed for possession of stolen property says her friend refused to return her belongings. 02/12/2014
E139 Dog Training Disaster; Family Damages Dogs' owner sues a trainer for the return of his fee; a woman regrets renting her home to her niece. 02/11/2014
E138 ATV Hit and Run; Sugar in Gas Tank Threat A father denies that his children damaged another man's house, garage and car with their ATV. 02/11/2014
E137 Drug Dealer?; House-Sitting Party Damage A homeowner says her tenant made porn in her bed and damaged her property while she was out of town. 02/10/2014
E136 Dying Cat's Rescue; Crashes and Lies Accusations of adultery, a dying cat and the cost of emergency surgery divide sisters-in-law. 02/10/2014
E135 Dishonest Damages?; Imprisoned Wedding Caterer A couple sues a caterer arrested and jailed hours before their wedding. 02/07/2014
E134 Caught on Tape!; Sucker Punch A man says he was defending himself when he punched a female friend in the face. 02/07/2014
E133 Slapped for Cheating?; Friendship Fraud? A man says his ex-lover stalked him, slapped him in the face and fled the scene. 02/06/2014
E132 Stolen Pit Bull Puppies A man sues a neighbor for the value of puppies he says she stole. 02/06/2014
E131 Tax Return Rift; Car Versus Tree Ex-lovers fight over a $4,000 tax return; cousins feud over damages to a car when a tree fell on it. 02/05/2014
E130 Dog Barking, Cat Poisoning; Give Me Back My Ring! A dog-barking complaint sets off a spree of cat-poisoning, car-smashing and laptop-vandalizing. 02/05/2014
E129 Maced in the Face!; Divorced and Still Fighting! A man who had tear gas sprayed in his face says his friend was responsible for driving him home. 02/04/2014
E128 Malicious Skateboarder?; Too Young to Live Alone A cyclist files criminal charges against a child he accuses of throwing a skateboard under his bike. 02/04/2014
E127 Yoga/Gym Merger Mess!; Ex-Fiance Fight A yoga studio owner says she was scammed and kicked out after investing in a gym. 02/03/2014
E126 Road Rage Slam!; Bunk Bed Blowup A woman accused of smashing a motorist's windshield with a hammer yells at the judge. 02/03/2014
E125 Bottle Assault Former friend entered his home in the middle of the night and hit him in the head with a bottle. 01/31/2014
E124 Mutual Custody Combat? A mom is accused of knocking out another woman's teeth and vandalizing her children's father's car. 01/31/2014
E123 Pit Bull Attacks Child; Is Ex a Thief? A 6-year-old girl tells of being attacked by her mother's tenants' pit bull. 01/30/2014
E122 Kids in Rolling Car Collision; Thieving Cousin? A parked car, with two children inside, rolls and collides with another vehicle. 01/30/2014
E121 Woman Picks Dogfight?; Vampire Showgirl A dog owner says the animals attacked a woman because she verbally assaulted them. 01/29/2014
E120 The Godfather; Slander and Las Vegas Trip! Former friends sue each other over a plane ticket to Las Vegas and accusations of slander. 01/28/2014
E119 Property Problems; Bounty Hunter Payback A landlord sues a tenant for damages to a home; a man is dressed down for improper attire. 01/27/2014
E118 Dog Trainer Scam?; Electrocuted Godson Owners of a German shepherd and a Rottweiler say an obedience trainer scammed them. 01/24/2014
E117 Busted Windows; Wreck at School A mom admits to backing up and ramming into another car in an elementary-school parking lot. 01/23/2014
E116 Stranger Danger; Neighbors and Dogs Drama Neighbors' feud over a broken fence involves dogs, the police and accusations of harassment. 01/22/2014
E115 Home Improvement Hijinks; Fostering Fraud? A landlady and her former tenant feud over damages, rent and home improvements. 01/21/2014
E114 Engagement Ring Custody; Accusations of Murder A former couple feud over an engagement ring and a restraining order. 01/20/2014
E113 House Mayhem; Frenemies; Under the Influence A former tenant wants his security deposit back, even though he missed rent payments. 01/17/2014
E112 Good Samaritan Family; Daddy's Girlfriend A woman sues her dad's girlfriend for rent and personal property. 01/16/2014
E111 Dog Blamed for Violent Crash; Roommate Disaster A motorcyclist says a dog ran into traffic and caused a collision in which his wife was injured. 01/15/2014
E110 Karate Camp Neglect?; Bad House Sitter?; Sister Fight! A mother accuses a karate teacher of leaving her sons unsupervised. 01/14/2014
E109 Widower Waiter's Bailout; Colliding Bike Boy Ex-friends fight over bail money; a 12-year-old is accused of crashing his bike into a moving car. 01/13/2014
E108 Girl Fight; Who Scammed Who?; Car Blow Up! An online sale may have been a scam; a couple say their vehicle blew up on the way to the mechanic. 01/10/2014
E107 Pawnshop Payback! A pawnshop owner is accused of selling a customer's jewelry prematurely. 01/09/2014
E106 Dog Custody; Roommate Dispute; Illegal Driver A woman sues her ex for the return of her German shepherd; a broken lease. 01/08/2014
E105 Sister Fight; Biting Dalmatian? A teen says she was forced to move from her cousin's home after her dog bit her. 01/07/2014
E104 Head-Butted!; Coin Collection Thief? A man sues a fellow bar patron for head-butting him; ex-lovers feud over a coin collection. 01/06/2014
E103 Chrysler Custody Battle; Ex-Fiancee Fight; Cousin's Bail Money A former couple feud over the return of gifts and an engagement ring. 12/20/2013
E102 Mother Daughter Mayhem; Family Fight Over Home A woman tries to buy a home from her mother and accuses her of owing for rent. 12/19/2013
E101 Niece Fights Aunt; Los Angeles Vacation Gone Wrong A man sues a former friend for money lent to cover expenses for a California vacation. 12/18/2013
E100 Mobile Home Manipulation?; Kia Crash! A woman is accused of wanting more than a working relationship with her client. 12/17/2013
E99 Ladies' Night Out Limo Disaster; Harassing Car Deal? A customer sues car dealership owners for the return of property, car repair bills and harassment. 12/16/2013
E98 Emergency Move-Out; Stolen Shotgun? A pawnshop owner sues a man for pawning a stolen shotgun, which was later confiscated by the police. 12/13/2013
E97 Grooming Gone Wrong; Father-Daughter Car Dispute A woman sues her father for the money she paid for a car, and he countersues for the unpaid balance. 12/12/2013
E96 When the Inmate Is Away ... ; Relationship Rehab The plaintiff says his ex-girlfriend totaled his SUV while he was in prison. 12/11/2013
E95 Murder and Medical Malpractice; Debt and Deployment An arrest for failure to pay child support and a car connected to a murder. 12/10/2013
E94 Real Estate Runaround; Entrapment? A woman sues her former real-estate agent for making unauthorized changes to her home. 12/09/2013
E93 Family Furniture Fight; Fighting Cousins A man's sister says he owes for the cost to replace her furniture. 12/06/2013
E92 Hostile Defendant Thrown Out of Court!; 1961 Comet Custody Aggressive testimony in a case involving bipolar disorder, unpaid rent and damaged property. 12/05/2013
E91 Bad Check, Bad Friend?; Baby Daddy Debt A woman sues her ex for his share of credit-card debt they accumulated while living together. 12/04/2013
E90 Pool Pierced by Arrow?; The Blame Game A former tenant sues landlords for the return of her security deposit. 12/03/2013
E89 Minor's DUI Alcohol Run!; Brother-Sister Squabble; Pool Table Comes Between Exes A minor denies destroying a friend's car after being arrested for DUI. 12/02/2013
E88 Pekingese Loses Eye to Pit Bull; Abandoned Horse? A landlord sues a pit bull's owners after an attack on his little dog. 11/27/2013
E87 Soccer Fight!; Clueless Crash Into a Wall A man sues a fellow soccer-player for defamation of character. 11/27/2013
E86 Ex-Lovers' Blurred Lines; Dance Mom A hairstylist/prep cook sues her ex-lover for repayment of loans; he says the money was a gift. 11/26/2013
E85 Weights Fall on Body Builder; Day Care Disaster A woman says a day care provider gave the wrong child to a family member for pickup. 11/26/2013
E84 Unwed Parents Want Payback!; Sister Sues Sister Unwed parents and their moms fight with an ex-roommate over a loan and rent money. 11/25/2013
E83 Back Kicking a Toddler?! Parents accuse a lodger of back-kicking their 2-year-old during an assault. 11/25/2013
E82 Rowdy Roommates; Vegas Trip Gone Bad Former roommates feud over rent and belongings; teens argue over payment for a Las Vegas hotel room. 11/22/2013
E81 Camel Race Injuries; Bad Tenant? A man whose collarbone was broken during a camel-race accident sues the race organizers. 11/22/2013
E80 Flight From Crime; Art Studio Garage Damages; Teen Eviction A motorist accused of a hit-and-run says her car had been stolen on the night in question. 11/21/2013
E79 Fight Over Horse; Tenant Tidiness A couple sue an erstwhile friend for vandalism to their vehicles and the cost to board a horse. 11/21/2013
E78 Return My Chihuahua!; Doberman Daschund Attack A woman sues her daughter-in-law for the return of a dog, unpaid vet bills and a diamond ring. 11/20/2013
E77 Let Them Eat Wedding Cake!; Hurricane Destruction Newlyweds sue a chef for ruining their wedding by not providing enough food. 11/20/2013
E76 Housemate Harassment; Child Support Fight Former housemates feud over stolen property, unpaid rent and harassment. 11/19/2013
E75 False Restraining Orders?; Father Son Fight A man and his 18-year-old son sue each other over party damages and the sale of a vehicle. 11/19/2013
E74 Collie Attacks Yorkie; DUI Bailout Neighbors fight over veterinary bills after a larger dog attacks a small one. 11/18/2013
E73 Ex-Lovers' Property Dispute; Mother vs. Son Return of property and rent; a plaintiff accuses his mother of stealing from his bank account. 11/18/2013
E72 Lovers Spat; I Want My Rent and Property A former tenant seeks reimbursement for damaged property and the return of rent. 11/15/2013
E71 Too Hot in the Kitchen?; The Neighborly Thing to Do A woman says her son's ex-girlfriend left her stove on and set the kitchen on fire. 11/15/2013
E70 Tenant Power Struggle; Child Day-Care Provider Dispute Ex-tenants sue a landlady for turning off their electricity and for false accusations of assault. 11/14/2013
E69 Ruined Wedding Celebration; Father-in-Law No More A couple say a DJ ruined their wedding; an ex-son-in-law wants repayment for a car loan. 11/14/2013
E68 Take the Bar Fight Outside A patron says a man outside a bar assaulted her; he says he was trying to protect his daughter. 11/13/2013
E67 Do Not Tattoo Over the Internet; Return My Motorcycle! A tattoo shop owner sues for unpaid services and slander; ex-lovers squabble over a motorcycle. 11/13/2013
E66 Go Cart, No Go; Tenant Conflict Plaintiffs sue a teen and his mom after his go-kart hits their car. 11/12/2013
E65 Late Pick-Up to a Party; Follow the Bouncing Ball Parents say their daughter's birthday was ruined when the limousine failed to show up on time. 11/12/2013
E64 Crash the Birthday Party; Parking Lot Accident A student says a fellow motorist damaged her vehicle when opening her car door. 11/11/2013
E63 I Do on Craigslist; Don't Flood My Car! A man sues his neighbor for harassment and defamation he says resulted from an online ad she posted. 11/11/2013
E62 Mercedes-Benz Scam?; False Arrest Fallout Return of money spent on car repairs; the return of property, motel bills and punitive damages. 11/08/2013
E61 On-the-Job Assault?; Smashed Spaniel Tail! A dog's owners sue a former friend because the animal was injured on his property. 11/08/2013
E60 Convenience Store Car Kicking; Moving In, Moving Out! A young man says his former friend kicked his car; a woman sues her ex-roommate for unpaid rent. 11/07/2013
E59 Deli Towing Incident A woman sues deli owners for illegally towing her car. 11/07/2013
E58 Abusive Dog Owner?; Goddaughter Beware!; Redecorating Disaster Custody of a dog and accusations of abuse and neglect; car damage; a redecorated bedroom. 11/06/2013
E57 Biting Boyfriend?; Baby Sitter's Bounced Checks! A woman says her ex bit her during an argument; a baby sitter says parent's checks bounced. 11/06/2013
E56 Driving School Skirmish; Up a Creek Without a Boat Repayment of driving-school fees; boat costs, rental fees and mental distress. 11/05/2013
E55 Fake Silver Sale?; Teen Denies Bad Driving A young man says a teen driver ran a stop sign and crashed into his car. 11/05/2013
E54 PayPal Problem?; Mother Mayhem; Trying Truck Times An overdrawn PayPal account; a housebreaking mom; repayment for a loan. 11/04/2013
E53 Burglary and the Ex-Boyfriend; Just Don't Do It! False accusations of breaking into a home; a stolen exercise machine. 11/04/2013
E52 Thunderbird Theft?; Car Divides Friends He says she stole his car, and she says he beat her up and destroyed her property. 11/01/2013
E51 Hidden Seafood!; Slashed Tires! A man says his former friends hid seafood throughout the house when they moved. 11/01/2013
E50 Mad at Mother of My Child!; Punched Door A man sues his child's mother for a loan; a woman sues her ex for rent, bills and damages. 10/31/2013
E49 False Restraining Order? Former roommates feud over rent, damages and a restraining order. 10/31/2013
E48 Motorcycle Mayhem; Unwed Parents Fight; Make a Decision! A teen sues a neighbor for damaging her motorcycle; a living arrangement goes awry. 10/30/2013
E47 Arrest for Drug Possession; Sisters Act Up! The plaintiff regrets bailing out his girlfriend's daughter's boyfriend; sisters feud over a loan. 10/29/2013
E46 Defame Game; Assault or No Assault? The plaintiff says the defendant publicly accused him of stealing her home. 10/28/2013
E45 Judgment Causes Happy Dance; Prom Dress Disaster A woman is sued for rental damages; a seamstress is sued for the money for a prom dress. 10/25/2013
E44 Shih Tzu Attack!; Baseball Card Caper A woman sues a bar owner after being bitten by her dog; a man sues over stolen baseball cards. 10/24/2013
E43 Sideswiped Truck; Tax Prep Slander?; Stolen or Repossessed? A man allegedly hits and kills a dog while damaging a vehicle. 10/23/2013
E42 Freeloading Ex-Lover?; Punched in the Face? Ex-lovers argue over personal property; a man accuses his friend of abuse. 10/22/2013
E41 Feuding Divorcees; Abusive Boyfriend? A woman blames her ex for losing her job; a teen claims her ex-roommate's boyfriend was abusive. 10/21/2013
E40 Graduation Party Flipped Car A fight over a girl leans to a demolished car and an attack at a party. 10/18/2013
E39 She's a Parasite!; Truth or Dare Danger An ex-boyfriend resorts to name-calling; children's game ends in a fight between parents. 10/17/2013
E38 Jewelry Thieves Caught on Tape; Brutus the Service Dog Video evidence saves the day; custody of a service dog. 10/16/2013
E37 Surprise Witness!; Injured Pomeranian Divorced parents fight over furniture; a pregnant teen's dog was injured while in her mother's care. 10/15/2013
E36 Ex-Friend Troubles; Computer Scam Sale? The return of belongings, storage fees and a false arrest; the sale of a computer. 10/14/2013
E35 Daughter Disaster; Pit Bull Put Down A woman sues her daughter for a car loan; a man believes his dog did not attack a woman. 10/11/2013
E34 Angry Tenant Break-In?; $4,000 Tuition Scam? A woman claims her landlords reneged on a promise to update her home. 10/10/2013
E33 Pit Bull Attacks Child; Giants vs. Cowboys Letdown A mother sues for damages after her 8-year-old is bitten by a pit bull; bad football tickets. 10/09/2013
E32 Too Much Marijuana?; Ex-Lover Battle A teen mother sues her sister for breaking a lease agreement; a former couple squabble over money. 10/08/2013
E31 Burning Down the House!; Short Sale Showdown A landlord sues for an insurance deductible and loss of profits; divorcees fight over proceeds. 10/07/2013
E30 Pro Basketball Player Sued; Car Conundrum A professional basketball player accuses a plaintiff of exaggerating the cost of furniture. 10/04/2013
E29 Clean and Sober Suit; Criminal or Justified Unwed parents feud over custody, eviction and stolen belongings. 10/03/2013
E28 Revengeful Roommates; Divorce Disaster An ex-roommate says her cat suddenly became unpopular when her friend got pregnant. 10/02/2013
E27 Fake Doctor? A woman says her chiropractor conned her into prepaying $5,000 for lifelong services. 10/01/2013
E26 Tandem Bike Crash!; Ex-Lovers' Feud A man sues his ex-girlfriend for rent, bills, cleaning costs and the return of his belongings. 09/30/2013
E25 Dog Bite Baby Shower!; Public Assistance Lost! Dog-bite survivor sues for pain and suffering; ex-boyfriend blamed for loss of housing assistance. 09/27/2013
E24 Assaulted by a Parrot!; Bike and Car Collision A teen sues for medical bills and pain and suffering after a friend's parrot attacks her. 09/26/2013
E23 Teen Volleyball Madness A teen cries, and her mother sues her coach for causing emotional distress. 09/25/2013
E22 $15,000 Property Loss?; Stolen Identity or Bitter Father? A landlord says his tenant's unsanitary living conditions caused his property value to plummet. 09/24/2013
E21 Maltese Attack!; Mother-in-Law Thief? After being bitten by a 10-pound dog, a woman wants money for pain and suffering. 09/23/2013
E20 Cat Fight and Crash! An altercation in a nightclub parking lot ends in a three-vehicle collision. 09/20/2013
E19 Fight Over Troubled Teen's Rehab Parents feud over payment of the $4,000 bill for their troubled teen's behavioral camp. 09/20/2013
E18 Money Stolen From a Thief?; Guilty of Domestic Violence A con sues his ex for making unauthorized debit-card charges while he was serving time. 09/19/2013
E17 Break-Up, Break-in?; Heroin Possession? A man sues his ex's relative for falsely accusing him of burglarizing her home. 09/19/2013
E16 Rent Free and Smoking Pot?; Ex-Fiancee Fiasco A woman accuses her adult daughter and the boyfriend of smoking pot in her home. 09/18/2013
E15 Handicapped and Handcuffed; Don't Tell People I Have Lupus! A woman who requires a wheelchair denies being a retaliatory nuisance. 09/18/2013
E14 Storage Wars; Dog Struck by Car A motorist and the owners of an unleashed dog dispute veterinary bills and car damage. 09/17/2013
E13 Victim of Racism or a Thief? A man accuses a convenience-store owner of attacking him with a baseball bat. 09/17/2013
E12 Baby Daddy Drama; Sisters Fight Over a Puppy When a dispute over a toy schnauzer becomes heated, a woman storms out of the courtroom. 09/16/2013
E11 Mom Thrown Out of Courtroom!; Ex-Lover's Excuses A litigant's mom must be ejected from the courtroom; an ex-boyfriend says a truck loan was a gift. 09/16/2013
E10 Explicit Photos Disputed; Hell Date A photographer's ex-lover says he is exploiting her by using photos he took of her on his website. 09/13/2013
E9 Too Much Vodka; Paternity Test Time A woman sues her child's father for bills and cell-phone costs. 09/13/2013
E8 Trust Fund Raid; Furniture Fight A teen and her father accuse each other of stealing; online friends try living together. 09/12/2013
E7 Honey Delivery Disaster; So Sue Me, Roomie A boss sues an employee for taking the company car without permission and wrecking it. 09/12/2013
E6 Don't Spank My Daughter!; Broken Door, Broken Friendship A mother demands $5,000 from her ex-husband for filing charges after she spanked their 9-year-old. 09/11/2013
E5 Pellet Gun Shootout; Car Security A woman accuses a 14-year-old boy of shooting out her car's windshield with a pellet gun. 09/11/2013
E4 Housesitting Hijacker?; Drunk, Disorderly, and Half Naked? A world traveler says his house sitter stole his property and money; a drunken partygoer vs. a TV. 09/10/2013
E3 Video Game Pile-Up; Child Support Scammer? Women say they had to sleep in their car after seven men showed up in the room they rented. 09/10/2013
E2 Teenage Vandals Angry parents dispute restitution fees after teens throw rocks at cars from a bridge. 09/09/2013
E1 House Sitter Horror; Bitter Babysitter? Moonshine, pit bulls and domestic abuse; a child falls off his bicycle. 09/09/2013