Killer Instinct - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 Fifteen Minutes of Flame 12/29/2007
E12 Love Hurts 12/22/2007
E11 While You Were Sleeping 12/15/2007
E10 She's the Bomb 12/08/2007
E9 Shake Rattle & Roll A string of murders connects to earthquake epicenters. 12/02/2005
E8 Forget Me Not? A serial killer's intended victim has amnesia and cannot remember his attacker. 11/18/2005
E7 Game Over Deviants reenact murder scenes from their favorite video games. 11/11/2005
E6 Who's Your Daddy? A copycat murder forces Jack to reconnect with a man he had hoped never to see again. 11/04/2005
E5 Die Like an Egyptian Hale and Carter enter the dark world of Egyptian mythology. 10/28/2005
E4 O Brother Where Art Thou When a set of twins are found murdered, all clues point in the same direction. 10/21/2005
E3 13 Going on 30 Hale suspects a vigilante murdered a convicted pedophile. 10/07/2005
E2 Five Easy Pieces After learning Lyford was a plant by Lt. Cavanaugh, Jack meets his real partner. 09/30/2005
E1 Pilot When healthy young women inexplicably die in their sleep, Hale investigates. 09/23/2005