Killer Kids - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E9 Spoiled Rotten & Bad Dreams An entire family is shot to death; evidence points to a teenage serial killer in the making. 12/03/2012
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E8 Baby Killers A teenage girl kills her new-born child. 07/11/2011
E7 Group Killers Group killings are more frequent in the circle of teenagers. 06/27/2011
E6 School Killers School shooting statistics and history. 06/20/2011
E5 Family Killers Examining children who have killed family members. 06/13/2011
E4 Hate Killers A look at hate-crime cases. 06/06/2011
E3 Sexual Killers Young sexual offenders who kill their victims. 05/30/2011
E2 Psychopath Killers Some murderers may be born to kill. 05/23/2011
E1 Occult Killers Occult killings; murders committed by children and teenagers. 05/16/2011