Kim's Rude Awakenings - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E13 The Kuryllowiczes The Kuryllowicz home business is pushing the family to the brink. 05/04/2009
E12 The Pattons This pack-rat family has lost control of their home. 04/27/2009
E11 The Kuhns The Kuhn family's lazy habits have taken over and mom is ready to blow a gasket. 04/20/2009
E10 The McKnights This family is living in a clutter-filled nightmare while their dream home is being built. 04/06/2009
E9 The Hallmans Kim and Mike attempt to bring discipline and order to the out-of-control Hallman household. 03/30/2009
E8 The Harrisons The Harrison family's home may look tidy-mountain of clutter. 03/23/2009
E7 The Carenzas The Carenza family have turned their house into an embarrassing mess. 03/16/2009
E6 The Pretes The Prete family home is a zoo and Kim and Mike are determined to get it under control. 03/09/2009
E5 The Kennys Siobhan calls Kim and Mike to set her family straight in this impassable biohazard. 03/02/2009
E4 The Butlers Stay-at-home Mom does everything, while Dad and their two lazy children kick back. 02/23/2009
E3 The Nickeles Lazy, overgrown sons have turned their home into a disaster zone. 02/16/2009
E2 The Byrnes The Byrne family household has clutter everywhere, messy bedrooms and an overflowing refrigerator. 02/09/2009
E1 The Ta's Dad is fighting a losing battle trying to keep the house clean. 02/02/2009