King - Episode Guide for Season 2

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E16 Isabelle Toomey Chief Graci calls Jess to help solve a cold case that still gnaws at him. 04/20/2012
E12 Wendy Stetler King suspects a man's uncle of his murder, but there is no evidence. 05/25/2012
E11 Aurora O'Donnell A serial killer's dumping ground is discovered; Jess and her team must find the killer's identity. 05/18/2012
E10 Justice Calvin Faulkner Jessica must solve the murder of a Family Court Judge found strangled with a negligee. 05/11/2012
E9 Alicia Pratta Jess needs to find who's guilty after a college student is attacked at a sorority party. 05/04/2012
E8 Chris Harris Ingrid Evans' brother is serving 15 years for murder, but Jess discovers a witness may have lied. 04/27/2012
E7 Jared and Stacey Cooper Crime, corruption and drug use are uncovered in the world of mixed martial arts. 04/11/2012
E6 Freddy Boise King and the MCTF must race to find a stolen heart that mining baron Freddy Boise was waiting for. 04/04/2012
E5 Sunil Sharma Convinced that Homicide is about to charge an innocent man, Jess takes over a multiple murder. 03/28/2012
E4 Charlene Francis A critical intelligence breach forces King and her team to salvage a weapons bust. 03/21/2012
E3 Jamila Karan The MCTF bails out the Robbery Squad on a botched kidnapping case. 03/14/2012
E2 Josh Simpson King leads a hunt through the city's gambling underground in search of a cop shooter. 03/07/2012
E1 Alina Minkute Jessica connects the son of former Police Chief Fielding to human trafficking. 02/29/2012