L.A. Law - Episode Guide for Season 8

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E22 Finish Line McKenzie advises the lawyers to seek other employment. 05/19/1994
E21 Whistle Stop Ex-flame prosecutes Becker for Hollywood madam's murder. 05/12/1994
E20 How Am I Driving Wife threatens to disclose executive's patronage of hookers. 05/05/1994
E19 Tunnel of Love A prosecutor becomes obsessed with Becker after a tryst. 04/28/1994
E18 Dead Issue A muckraker is accused of libeling a scientist. 04/21/1994
E17 Silence Is Golden New associate counters Becker in molestation case. 04/14/1994
E16 Whose San Andreas Fault Is It, Anyway? Halliday's advice prompts client to give back settlement. 03/24/1994
E15 Three on a Patch A testosterone patch restores three seniors' vitality. 03/17/1994
E14 God Is My Co-Counsel A fundamentalist is fired for teaching creationism. 03/10/1994
E13 The Age of Insolence Prudish librarian sues co-worker who talks dirty to her. 02/24/1994
E12 Cold Cuts Hikers stand trial for cannibalizing comatose partner. 02/17/1994
E11 McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum & Bailey Ballerina sues choreographer for being forced to resign. 02/10/1994
E10 He Ain't Guilty, He's My Brother A woman (Didi Conn) sues her baker boyfriend (Kurt Fuller) for sexual fraud. 02/03/1994
E9 Rhyme and Punishment Roxanne asks Mullaney to sign their daughter's papers. 12/16/1993
E8 Eli's Gumming Mullaney earns a judge's (Joanna Cassidy) appreciation. 12/09/1993
E7 Pacific Rimshot Murder suspect thought Black Panther was in danger? 11/18/1993
E6 Safe Sex An ex-employee sues the owner of a department-store chain. 11/11/1993
E5 The Green, Green Grass of Home Ex-political activist sought for prison guard's 1968 murder. 11/04/1993
E4 Foreign Co-respondent Witnesses against a smuggler of Chinese immigrants are threatened. 10/28/1993
E3 How Much Is That Bentley in the Window? The firm hires a design consultant to renovate the offices. 10/21/1993
E2 Leap of Faith Levinson hires p.i. to probe murder victim's husband. 10/14/1993
E1 Book of Renovation, Chapter 1 Firm hires Stuart's cousin Eli Levinson (Alan Rosenberg). 10/07/1993