Last One Standing - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E12 Java Western Java. 12/20/2007
E11 Vanuatu The athletes travel to the island of Wala in Vanuatu and compete in a canoe race. 12/20/2007
E10 Peru The athletes travel to the village of Paqchanta in the Andes. 12/13/2007
E9 Kraho The athletes travel to Brazil and take part in an unusual sport, log racing. 12/06/2007
E8 Papua New Guinea The athletes compete in the biggest canoe race of the year with the Sepik tribe of Papua New Guinea. 11/29/2007
E7 Senegal The athletes travel to Senegal to take on the locals at their national sport, Senegalese wrestling. 11/15/2007
E6 Trobriand Islands Athletes compete in a cricket match between two rival villages. 11/08/2007
E5 Mongolia The athletes live as Mongolian nomads and take part in a local tradition called Naadam. 11/01/2007
E4 Nagaland The competitors take on the Sumi, a tribe of former headhunters, in a remote area of India. 10/25/2007
E3 Mexico Competitors trek into the Copper Canyon area. 10/18/2007
E2 South Africa Six competitors take on South African Zulus in stick-fighting. 10/11/2007
E1 Kalapalo Wrestling Competitors venture to the Brazilian jungle to wrestle Kalapalo warriors at the Festival of Death. 10/04/2007