Leap of Faith - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E6 Carmic Behavior Faith has a fateful run-in with a former boyfriend while learning to drive in New York City. 04/04/2002
E5 The Baby Snugglers Faith and Patty volunteer at a preemie ward. 03/28/2002
E4 Peeps Faith hits a dive bar for a wild night and ends up being a poster girl in a men's bathroom. 03/21/2002
E3 The Balls Game Faith finds herself in the position of having to fire a beloved spokesman for a lucrative account. 03/14/2002
E2 Whole in One Faith runs into her ex-fiance at a golf course -- with another woman. 03/07/2002
E1 Detours A spirited young woman calls off her engagement and returns to the single life with her friends. 02/28/2002