Mad Scientists - Episode Guide for Season 1

Ep Show Details Date & Time Channel
E12 Jet-Powered Office Chair John challenges an inventor to add a sidecar to his homemade jet-powered motorbike. 11/23/2011
E11 Shocking Flying Machine Transforming an airplane into a machine that runs on electricity. 11/22/2011
E10 Lawn Mower Hovercraft John and a computer engineer build hovercrafts from old lawn mowers. 11/16/2011
E9 Human Water Rocket An attempt to build a rocket belt strong enough to lift a man out of the water. 11/15/2011
E8 Basketball-Playing Robot A robotics genius attempts to build a robot that can beat him in a game of basketball. 11/02/2011
E7 Cañón de Agua Sobre Ruedas Sillas de ruedas modificadas que pueden correr y tienen cañones de agua. 10/26/2011
E7 World's Weirdest Bike Creating a motorcycle that is powered by springs from a garage door. 11/02/2011
E6 Water Cannons on Wheels Souped-up wheelchairs that can go off-roading and have water cannons. 10/26/2011
E5 Swamp Flyer Transforming a gyroplane into a gyroboat. 10/26/2011
E4 Turbo-Charged Leaf Blower Building a multipurpose lawn tool out of a home-made turbo jet. 10/12/2011
E3 The Moon Jumper A portable version of a counterweighted teeter-totter allows for a 90-degree jump, straight up. 10/12/2011
E2 The 26-Foot Lawn Dart A backyard thrill ride that propels riders down 180 feet of monorail at dizzying speeds. 10/05/2011
E1 Ultimate Rock Crawler Adding a tail to a rock-crawling machine that is built to move like a lizard. 10/05/2011